January 27th, 2004

Analysis of HP Book 1, Ch.1

No, I didn't buy the book and bring it with me. I'm using an e-version. Just thought these notes might be of help in future Rumbles threads or fanfics. At the very least it'll save me from hunting down references in the future.

And no, I don't have too much time on my hands (well, actually, I might, but not for this). Each chapter is pretty short. Typing takes a bit more time, yes, but not that much.

Chapter 1: The Boy Who Lived

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YvtW: More Info on Egypt

Came across something useful for the next YvtW setting in Egypt. Still nothing on those "trials" mentioned earlier, but there's some more description on the weighing of the heart process, which I gather is mucho important. Main points:

"Anubis then weighs the heart of the deceased (left tray) against the feather of Ma'at, goddess of truth and justice (right tray). In some drawings, the full goddess Ma'at, not just her feather, is shown seated on the tray. Note that Ma'at's head, crowned by the feather, also appears atop the fulcrum of the scale. If the heart of the deceased outweighs the feather, then the deceased has a heart which has been made heavy with evil deeds. In that event, Ammit the god with the crocodile head and hippopotamus legs will devour the heart, condemning the deceased to oblivion for eternity. But if the feather outweighs the heart, and then the deceased has led a righteous life and may be presented before Osiris to join the afterlife. Thoth, the ibis-headed god of wisdom stands at the ready to record the outcome."

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Book of the Dead (pt. 1)

Notes on the first few sections of the Book of the Dead. Some weird stuff. Some funny stuff. Some other stuff.

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