January 30th, 2004

The Book of the Dead (pt. 2.1)


(Takes place after the CHAPTER OF COMING FORTH BY DAY... and before THE SEVEN ARITS)

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Note to self: find out what Khert-Neter refers to.

YvtW character placements for the Egypt Arc

Okay, I've done most of the research, and I've a fairly good idea of the Egyptian afterlife. Or at least enough sources to fake it. So now I've gotta figure out who goes where.

After agonizing over how to split the group again, I decided just to forget all that and have everyone one his/her own. If they manage to join up with someone else in the group, it'll be up to them (and me, as the narrator). Of course, at first I thought the Egyptian afterlife wouldn't be big enough to keep us apart for long. But then I found this quote: "In Egypt one person could have multiple afterlives - each different part of the person would be able to have its own existence after death..."

*insert evil laughter*

Okay, here are my tentative plans... )

Egyptian Underworld Texts

According to this guide to the various underworld texts, The Book of the Dead isn't the main text for going into the Afterlife. It is the most popular, however, and it's the only that actually gets a *commoner* into "heaven", as opposed to heaven being a pharoah-only club. Since none of our characters are pharoahs (except for maybe the sons of Elrond, and even that's a stretch)... I guess we're stuck using that.

Book of Heavens/Earth - stuff about the gods. Not neccessary for my use.

Book of Caverns - apparently for the underworld journey of the king. I can excuse not using it by saying the commoners' path (by the Book of the Dead) being a different path than the path of the pharoah.

Book of Gates - doesn't say who this is for. I'm guessing it mainly focuses on obstacles into the underworld. I guess I'll need to at least familiarize myself with this version as well.

Amduat - the path of the sun god. Nothing much to do with the rest of us.

Pyramid Text/Coffin Text - collections of spells, basically. They're mostly merged into the Book of the Dead anyhow. So no worries there.