May 11th, 2004

Fangirl Gushings

Okay, I watched "Highlander" last night and I have confirmed what my subconsciousness has been trying to tell me all along now. Yep. I am now a member of the Connor MacLeod fan following. I still love Methos the best, since he was my first, so to speak, but Connor m'luv is definitely a close second.

As for the reasons? Well, where should I start...

incoherent fangirl ramblings )

So, like, I'll probably see the movie a couple more times before I return it. Hey, might as well get my money's worth of drooling after Connor. ^_-

[info]cashew, if you wanna see it, I can bring it with me this Saturday we I come up to Cal to see "Troy" with you.