July 12th, 2007

SM Fic - Endymion & Shitennou (II)

Ways in Which Endymion Did Not Reunite with the Shitennou (II)

Chiba Mamoru collapsed into the bed of his new apartment, staring blindly out the balcony at the dark night and bright moon. Somehow, it should feel like more of an accomplishment, his acceptance to Azabu Jr. High.

But it didn't. He still felt the aching emptiness in himself that had followed him through his stay in the orphanage ever since the accident that robbed him of his family and his memories. It still overshadowed everything else in his life. Except for the visions that sometimes plagued his dreams... visions of an angel that called to him, and sometimes of the vague forms of people and places from a past that he did not remember.

As Mamoru felt himself drifting off into dreams, one last wistful thought crossed his mind.

I wish I wasn't alone anymore...


In the heart of the Earth, the priest of Elysion looked up into the starry sky that mirrored the surface world and frowned as his heart resonated with the feelings of the Prince of Earth. He could understand that feeling perfectly, and wished with his being as well that something could be done about it.

At that moment, the vision crystal in the shrine glowed with a warm golden light. Startled, Helios looked up into its depths, and there saw four figures. He recognized them immediately, and noted as well that the bonds that tied them to the Prince was still present in them. But so were the bonds that tied them to darkness.

Helios frowned. Could he risk it? Risk giving the Prince some of the companionship he sought against the possibility of the attracting the evil that is returning?

The course of reality paused, and then split. At the time gates, Sailor Pluto noticed a minor flicker in the ever shifting corridors. With a bare glance through the time gates to verify that Crystal Tokyo still stood shining and proud, she went back to whatever it was the Time Guardian did to while away the time she stood guard at the gates.


Across the globe, four young men tossed in their sleep. In their dreams, each was running as if hell itself was on their heels. And it was, a roiling darkness that followed them, dragging down their steps with a black thread that pulled at them. They struggled against the bonds, their only hope the small glimmer of golden light that always hovered ahead of them. Each man knew that if they could just reach that light, they would be free.


The dream was different this time, Mamoru noted. For some reason, the vague images of his past were not so vague this night. He could scarcely hope that he might actually remember something real this time. Involuntarily, he took a few steps toward the blurry figure that seemed to be the "closest" to him.

He was surprised when a young man suddenly appeared from the mists and crashed into him, knocking the both of them onto the ground. This was certainly the first time that his dream approached him instead of him chasing after it. His startled blue eyes looked up into the fearful eyes of the man on top of him. The man's features were uncomfortably familiar, and Mamoru couldn't help but reach up to that face.

"Who are you...?"

"Please," came the choked reply from the man, "please I'm sorry... so sorry... please, just don't let it catch me..."

That was when Mamoru saw the darkness that was fast approaching them. He felt its malevolence and the fear it caused in the man before him. For some reason, that infuriated him.

His courage bolstered by righteous fury, Mamoru surged to his feet and pushed the other man behind him protectively. His clothing had been replaced by, appropriately, the armor of a western style knight. With instinctive ease, he drew his sword and called out to the darkness in challenge.

"You can't have him!"


And indeed, Mamoru could see the truth of that statement. He could see the dark thread that entangled the man to the darkness, just as he could also see the golden threads that tied the man to...him? The revelation somehow saddened and uplifted his spirits all at once.

"No... no, please..." came the almost imperceptible whisper behind him.

That soft plea alone decided him. Mamoru glared at the darkness before him in defiance.

"I said... you can't have him!"

And with that he swept forward, his sword cleaving through the air at the dark threads. There was an audible SNAP that seemed to shake the entire dreamscape, and the dark threads exploded into nothingness.


Something deep inside him gave him answered that outraged cry. Mamoru stared coldly up at the fading darkness with the regal gaze of a Prince thousands of years dead.

"He was never yours."

At his words and then a wordless command, golden light suffused the dreamscape, forcing away the darkness with its brightness. Finally, the dark creature dissipated altogether with one last echoing cry.

Mamoru sheathed his sword and turned back to the familiar stranger. The other man was staring at him with awe and obvious recognition. Mamoru stared back, his mantle of regalness fading away into confusion.

"Who are you?" he asked again, softly. "Do you... know me?"

"Aye..." the man replied just as softly, still staring at him with that awestruck gaze. "Endymion-sama..."


Mamoru's eyes snapped open to the fall of sunlight through his open balcony window across his eyes, just moments before his alarm went off.

"Endymion," he whispered softly to himself, vainly trying to remember the last wisps of the dream. That name sounded so familiar to him. Whose was it?

Slapping a hand down on the ringing alarm clock, Mamoru stared ruefully out the balcony, murmuring to himself.

"Well, that's the fourth time I've had that dream. Maybe I'll remember it completely one of these days."

But something deep inside told him that the dream wouldn't come to him again. The anticipation that tickled the edge of his thoughts foretold that he was not yet done with the four different men who had appeared in them. Something awaited him in the near future. Mamoru was sure of that.


Across the world, four young men were in the process of making their way to Tokyo, led by memories and loyalty, and following the golden strands of their destiny. Their prince had freed them from slavery, despite their betrayal of a lifetime ago, and had not asked for anything in return. Now they would find him and return to the side of their liege, and hope that they could repay their debt to him with the redemption of their oath.