December 9th, 2010

Alternative Destiny series

Title: Shifting Sands
Series: Alternative Destiny, following Neighborhood Watch
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Genre: Time Travel / AU
Rating: PG

Shifting Sands )

1. The 36 hour day that Abydos canonically had was too inconvenient for long term Earth human presence. So pretend that Ancient terraforming in these two timelines also adjusted the planet's rotation to approximate Earth's. As for the development of the Abydonians, that deviated in this timeline about 1000 years ago when they were placed under the Asgard Protected Planets Treaty.
2. Italics here refers to Abydonian dialect, mainly to contrast between when Daniel uses the translator and when it's off. The "modern" Goa'uld language is in bold. Thor's recording is also in Abydonian since it was programmed for the locals.
3. Although I thought about having the Abydonians mistake the Terrans for soldiers of Ra, I couldn't figure out how to fit the Eye of Ra into the plot. I would expect that SGC is already aware that the Eye is not just a decorative item, and it's probably locked up somewhere in Area 51.
4. The canon Hammer of Thor wouldn't have worked on Abydos since Ra didn't use Jaffa. So this Moljnor performs a Hall of Might type function instead.