December 23rd, 2010

Because I am a geek...

So, in Stargate, the USS Daedalus takes anywhere from 3 weeks to 14 days (depending on which source you ask) to make a one way trip from Earth to Atlantis in the Pegasus Irregular Dwarf Galaxy, 3 Mly away. With a ZPM plugged into their engines, the trip took 4 days.

The Asgard went from the Milky Way to the Ida Galaxy (supposedly ~4 Mly away, so somewhere around NGC 3109) in a "few" hours, and that was towing another ship. *stares at sky* Yeah, they got the better legs.

SGU's Destiny supposedly traveled thirty-something galaxies in somewhere on the order of tens of millions of years, while stopping in each galaxy for some automated exploration and resource management. No idea if it stayed within the local group or if it picked a direction and headed out that-a-ways. Given that the show itself had them doing one galaxy per season ("year"), all we can say is there was an epic Sci Fi Writers Have No Sense Of Scale.