September 28th, 2017

Mediterranean trip day 2

Current time 9:07 pm

Took an Athens city tour today. Started off with a quick driveby of the Temple of Zeus (or remnants thereof) and a bit of Hadrian's Wall. Then headed to the Athens city Acropolis which is the main attraction of the city. It involved a long climb up jagged and slippery marble paths through to the Parthenon. And from the higher vantage, we could see below the smaller temples and the Theater of Dionysus.

Afterwards, feet still sore from the long line getting out of the Parthenon, we went over to the new museum and walked through allof the major exhibitions. I have to mention here that for today's tour, we actually had a local guide doing much of the show and tell in English. Unfortunately, her accent was impenetrable and her English vocabulary was kinda...lacking too. Oh eell, I'm sure most of the historical into cam be found online anyway.

Afterwards, there were some more drive-by sightseeing. There was the Parliament building, the three neoclassical buildings built in the 19th (?) century: a library, a museum, and Etc. We did make a stop for the original olympic stadium though.

Finally,we paused for a very late lunch, for which I just got a sandwich to go and ate at the hotel. Then there was a brief pause at the hotel (for siesta or whatever they call it here?) And its straight to dinner at a local small restaurant. That wasn't too interesting. We did do some shopping along the small street shops after. Got a T-shirt to go with my Auusie/NZ one.

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