November 9th, 2017

TBG Omake - Absent Friends

AN: This is an omake fanfic of a Quest (fanfic) called To Boldly Go, based primarily on Star Trek.

For once, this is an omake with only canon characters, no OCs. It came about when we assigned Commodore Saavik to head a task force that got into a fight. They won (narrowly), with only 1 ship lost. Unfortunately, the destroyed ship was the flagship of the TF, the USS Kumari, and it was destroyed by a warp core breach. Meaning, everyone died on it, including our flag officer. Kinda sad, since we've sent out task forces to fight before with OCs at the head, and they all made it though. I guess Saavik has just had awful luck by the dice rolls throughout this game-quest.

Anyway, after seeing the combat results, I originally wanted to write an omake on Spock's reaction to what happened. Unfortunately, it turned out that trying to write Vulcan grief was like bashing my head against a wall, so I gave up and went for easier pickings. As it turned out, the career timeline of our current Commander of Starfleet, Sulu, jived really well with Saavik's career timeline. So, this fic happened.

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Quest Timeline Reference:
2306.Q1 Sulu appointed to RA, Director of Starfleet Explorer Command
2308.Q1 First reference to Saavik as XO of USS Sarek under Captain Straak
2309.Q1 Start of Saavik’s 5YM as captain of the USS S’harien
2309.Q2 Sulu promoted to VA, Director of Starfleet Tactical
2313.Q4 End of Saavik’s 5YM on USS S’harien
2314.Q1 Saavik assigned to Starfleet Tactical
2314.Q4 Saavik promoted to Commodore
2316.Q1 Hikaru Sulu appointed Commander Starfleet
2319.Q2 Eternal Empire arc begins
2320.Q2 Battle of Exar Draconis; USS Kumari destroyed
2320.Q4 Sulu expected to step down as Commander Starfleet

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