November 14th, 2017

TBG Omake - A Computer by Any Other Name

AN: This is an omake fanfic of a Quest (fanfic) called To Boldly Go, based primarily on Star Trek.

This plot bunny bit out of the blue. It's a direct sequel to The Definition of Life. Basically, the in-game reward for the previous omake was to have Mipek and Yanag assigned to the USS Lightning, which is running the experimental testbed for the isolinear computer system before we can roll that out to the fleet. (And as a result, Lightning gets a +1 science stat out of it too.)

Then, I looked over the Q2 logs for the Lightning, and lo and behold, they had a mission to the computer-phobic Arcadian Empire. And so, this fic happened.

Also, I guess I'm starting to fill out the non-Seigaku expies. Though at this point, I'm just using the Tenipuri characters as the basis for coming up with names and rough job/skill profiles. Characterization is not going to be the same since they're not all high school tennis players.

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