January 14th, 2018

TBG Omake: Academy Extensions: Before the Next Generation

AN: This is an omake fanfic of a Quest (fanfic) called To Boldly Go, based primarily on Star Trek.

Finally, 2321.Q3 rolled around in-game, which is when Picard made his first attempt at applying for Starfleet Academy. TNG implies that applications happen once a year. Picard was successful in his second attempt, which was 2322, and became a cadet for the 2323 school-year.

Boothby is the canonical groundskeeper for Starfleet Academy who’s been there forever even Picard was at the academy.

Andrea Brand is another canon character taken from TNG.

I’m leaving it up in the air for now whether Mr. Andrew is in fact, the future Ian Andrew Troi. I’ve always felt it made more sense if he’d taken Lwaxanna Troi’s surname rather than the other way around. Ms. Zaheva and Ms. Hayes may or may not be canon characters. It would be a little too much coincidence if they all were, honestly. But I'm just leaving some room open for future stories.

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