July 30th, 2018

Chinese Web Novels - BG Quick Transmigration WIPs


putting god back together

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9 lives love trial with overgod heir; missions to fix worlds with bad protags; replace kind hosts

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Unexplained quicktrans, fulling wish. MC has tiresomely low EQ, nearly emotionally stunted; seems to be always freaking surprised and unresponsive when the ML hits on her. A little too...傻白甜. Also an unequal love, since it seems like MC is slow to fall for ML each world even having memories, while ML always immediately falls for her at first sight even without memories.

https://www.ranwena.com/files/article/88/88425/ (COMPLETE! On extras)

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BY 墨泠 / 快穿:男神,有点燃! (NEW!)

Inhumanly motivated MC with a 'throw money at everything' system trying to get good person cards out of blackening damsel in distress ML.

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More stories:
BY 素手折枝 / 快穿:女主驾到,女配速退散! (completed) (evolving companion to creator god)
BY 素手折枝 / 快穿小妖精:腹黑男主,别过来! (completed) (item spirit, phoenix)
BY 素手折枝 / 快穿:男主,开挂吗 (completed) (MC *is* ML's golden finger)
BY 墨泠 / 快穿女配:反派BOSS有毒 (completed) (OP future MC, damsel in distress ML)
BY 墨泠 / 快穿系统:反派BOSS来袭! (completed) (gluttonous goddess MC, narcissist tasker ML)

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