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Mar. 9th, 2009

LnC and Comics related fic recs

I figure I would put up a few recs of my own.

Cat-Tales series by Chris Dee
Fandom: Batman (some xovers with JLA and Superman)
This is a series centered on the relationship between Bruce and Selina. Although there's no slash, I think it's got great characterization for not only the main characters but also the supporting characters and villains. It traces a very nicely written progression from the f-ed up insanity of comics Bat-clan to a more benign (well-adjusted) form of insanity. Also love the fact that some of the worst nightmares in canon writing gets nicely written into tabloid stories.

Veritas by Terry Shayne
Fandom: Lois and Clark
This is actually based on the episode which introduced an alternate reality version of the LnC Clark. In this story, Alt-Clark gets accidentally shunted into an anagram of IRL-Earth with a plane-load of people from his world. Hijinx ensues with him introduced to the Superman mythology and the RL-Earth introduced to an actual super man.

Never Thought by CollaneR
Fandom: Ironman/Dark Knight xover
Delightful slash xover of the two comics movieverses. Features Math!Smut. Tony's characterization is spot on. Bruce is a little OOC from the movie version, but hot enough that it doesn't matter. XD

And Then the Heroes Came Along - DCU (Superman/Batman) xover SGA

More to come...

Jan. 11th, 2008

K/S fics

All slash of course. Caveat lector (I think it goes?)

There seems to have been updates to the trekiverse archives since I last browsed. (Or at least, the bajillion downloads I have from there don't include some of these.)

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Nov. 13th, 2007

封神榜 fic rec

The first decent fics of the 杨戬/哪吒 genre that I could read through without getting the willies a paragraphs in. It helps that it's based on the "canonical" <封神演义> novel than on the various televised legends featuring the two of them.

Links are to a BBS. Login shouldn't be required to read the threads, I believe.

1. 金鸡岭
2. 汜水关
3. 穿云关
4. 渑池 1-3 渑池 4-6
5. 城下

Oct. 17th, 2007

The Gripe Sheet

Swiped from the footnotes of a fic by Marns AKA Bumpkin. The fic itself was meh, but these notes certainly gave me a laugh. XD

The Gripe Sheet )

Jul. 26th, 2007

SM fic recs

As God Is My Witness, I Thought Turkeys Could Fly

Hilariously funny, and actually kept me in suspense through the whole story too. I love the characterization of Setsuna in this one.

EDIT: Adding a couple more.

This series by wingedlona is of a similar humorous vein as above. Only differences are it's longer, the prose not as succinct, and there were a typos concerning names. But there were many memorable moments in the stories, and some moments for each of the characters to shine. Note that they do need to be read in order since the events follow immediately in the sequels from where the previous installment ends.

The series is about the senshi/shitennou pairings. Just suspend your disbelief at the senshi not remembering/reacting to the mineral names of the shitennou on the reincarnates.

By Any Means Neccessary
Ami/Zoi - Ami and company battles car theives, crazed customers, and handsome strangers in order to get to her crush's papers.

Grocery Day -
Mina/Kun (with a cameo of Mako/Neph) - Mina is on the run from the police. What is an actress and senshi to do? Why hide out with the man who ran over her cat of course.

The third one is WIP and is Rei/Jadeite.

Moral of the story: Do not let Haruka teach you how to drive. ^^

May. 3rd, 2007

Fic (not really)Recs - Fruits Basket

Been a long time since I did these huh. Oh, well, just thought I'd jot these down. Most of these are xovers, since that was what I was looking for. Not easy to find actually, since the ffnet archive for FB is huge and so full of stupidity (from just looking at the summaries) that I doubt I'd be able to have the patience to find anything good there.

Ouran Academy Guest Lecturers Series- Japanese Literature - obviously a Furuba/Ouran xover. Mostly the Ouran cast plus Shigure, with only a cameo from the rat and cat. I thought it was cute.

Neko no Yume Cat of Dreams - Pet Shop of Horrors xover. Something of a Suefic, even if it's not the romance-sue kind. Also quite OOC, but whatever. I was just in it for the xover. :p

Lollipops and Magic Refrigerators - Not an xover this time. Humorous fic about explaining the birds 'n bees to Kisa and Hiro. (Though IMO I think Hiro already knows this stuff but eh.)

I need more Furuba xovers... are there any archives out there? Ffnet is not the best of places...

Jul. 29th, 2006

More Holic fics...

Came across some xovers today. Pity most xovers I've seen aside from the Legal Drug ones don't feature yaoi.

2 w/ HP, thus proving that if there is any fandom out there being written for, sooner or later it will cross over with HP.

Toil and Trouble - seems to be pro-Harry. Though I found the bit where Yuuko orders Harry to go cook for her to be faintly amusing. Post book 6.

A Fair and Reasonable Price - 2 chapter fic that's Draco-centric. I think I like this one better. I would befer Holic-crack but I realize that doesn't go very well with post-HP6 angst.

Meeting - CCS xover, which I thought was long overdue for me to find one considering they're canonically same universe too. Mainly interactions between Watanuki & a very exasperate Touya.

Prospects - Not technically a xover at all. But rather amusing short story of Yuuko on the marriage prospects of various characters in various CLAMP works. Crack.

Jul. 28th, 2006

More Holic Recs

OK, so I didn't find the fic, but here's a fanart on the "What can Doumeki see through that eye" theme... BWAHAHA

And a few more fic recs..

quick, silly, drabbly thing
Five Words

Best-Laid Plans

Holic Fic Recs

Well, finally found the peeping eye fic that cashew was poking me about. (Actually, this was one of 'em... can't seem to find the other one)

Mienai Kizuna by BluSkye.

Iono, I think on the whole I prefer crack fics for xxxHolic instead of even the heavy smut ones... just cuz I guess it's closer to the canon characterizations. So, a couple of crack fics. (EDIT: OK you've apparently already found the author site for the first two.)

Button Pushing - mentions Batman and tights XD
Measure for Measure - Watanuki runs afowl of Doumeki's fan club

Boy Meets Girl - Watanuki tries to confess to Himawari-chan
The Avenging Angels - More Doumeki fan club... as narrated by Yuuko while drunk

...And might as well throw a smut or two in here too.
untitled fic
untitled fic in comments

Jul. 27th, 2006

xxxHolic Fics

Five Words
Mienai Kizuna - Watching through Watanuki's eyes

Unexpected - Watanuki's first move
Turnabout is Fair Play - massage
Doumeki Gets a Haircut
Peeking Inside the Looking Glass - peek into the future
Call Back Later - human pillow
Attention to Detail - cafe necking
Closure - graveyard fluff
Insignificant - in denial
untitled - missing class b/c of fever
untitled drabble - out of season food
Leftovers - see title

Hands off the Hitsuzen
The Avenging Angels - school play and Doumeki fanclub
Boy Meets Girl - Watanuki tries to confess to Himawari
quick, silly, drabbly thing - fluffy
Button Pushing - romance on crack
Measure for Measure - not-romance and fanclub
Monsters Under the Tree - bit of angst at end

Someone's Prayer - Yuuko & Doumeki talking
Chess - Yuuko

Looks - always the quiet ones

Am I Yours? - touch of angst
untitled - topping from the bottom
untitled - locker sex
Best-Laid Plans

Toil and Trouble - HP, Potter-centric
A Fair and Reasonable Price - HP, Draco-centric
Meeting - CCS, Touya-centric
Prospects - Yuuko on CLAMP character marriage prospects


A Dislocated Day
Chocolate Cake and a Kiss

Striptease, Poker, and Drunken Confessions
Never Reject You

Deep Wish Mirror Series

Dec. 12th, 2005

Silm/LOTR Fic Recs

1. Yes, I'm still alive. I realize I've been neglecting my journal, but I'm hoping to start rectifying that.

2. It's been a long long time since I did any of these, huh. ^_^

The Game of the Gods, by Limyaael
Silmarillion fic, humor parody, multi-chapter
This is a entirely hilarious fic featuring mainly the Valar and certain First Age elven personages (I think [info]ossian should really get a kick out of this one). Almost each chapter features a hilarious and unique Sue-bashing of a particular LOTR-sue archetype, but the entire work as a whole resolves into a rather cute statement on how to write well in general (play on the redemption theme, entirely tongue-in-cheek). Some characters are OOC, but certainly excusable for reasons of parody. And it's probably the few times that I'll sincerely say - Poor Morgoth! Hee. ^_^

The One Ring Reforged, by Cirdan
In the Land of Mordor Where the Shadow Dies, by mirielle
These two LOTR/Silm xovers have one theme in common, and that is the resolution of the Ring quest at the critique hands of the original master-smith of Arda. Somewhat whimsical humor-fics with not much plot consistencies attached. One-shots both.

Should've Thought of That One, Bori, by Eggo Waffles
Another humor/parody. This one's a multi-chapter WIP, movie-continuity (what there is of continuity) starting off from the aftermath of Parth Galen, based on the premise of Boromir not having died then. The humor may be a little heavy-handed in some scenes, and there's rampant breaking of the fourth wall, but there were several parts which had me laughing so hard I couldn't breathe.

Until the World is Changed, by fanged geranium
This one's not quite a humor fic, and I suppose it technically is a xover between LOTR and Harry Potter. However, the whimsical tone and light humor makes it stand out for me as a much better work than most xover fics of the genre. One shot, not too long.
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Apr. 6th, 2005

Tenipuri sort-of recs

Missed Calculations - a 7 chapter InuKai lemon fic. It's unfinished and looks like it's been abandoned, but there wasn't much plot as much as PWP in it anyhow, so that doesn't matter. I'm not recommending it for the content quality, since there's quite a bit of OOC and cliches in it, not to mention continuity holes the size of a hakugei. But it does have like 3 NC-17 scenes in it. So I guess I just read it for the absolutely no-content PWP-ness. :p

And on a similar vein is the series by figbash, though it's got some borderline non-con, some angst, and hints of... Kaidohcest? Eh, I'm only reading it for the InuKai smut, so whatever.

seigakutennis is a RP community. Some of the member journals are funny as hell and really do sound quite IC. Love Inui's (696e756900 in hex) dorky data analysis stuff on his journal. Also loved the Momo-Kaidoh flamewars *snerk* and the whole Mizuki stalking Kaidoh thing and Inui getting possessive which was eventually resolved via Inui Juice roulette.

Jan. 22nd, 2005

More Tenipuri fics for cashew

Here's the two fluffy Oishi/Eiji fics I mentioned tonight:

of comfort and delight is the one taking place during the training camp, where Eiji sneaks into Oishi's blankets in the middle of the night. It's also got the cute comic strip at the end.

Chuu is the one with the "accidental" kiss that's blown out of proportion by Momo. It's also written by the same author who wrote Ties That Bind, so you know it's good.

Golden Pair 4-eva! ^__-

Jan. 20th, 2005

For cashew:

Here's the two fics I mentioned earlier tonight:

Eat Me

Salvage (The fish-fic)

Nov. 5th, 2004

HP Recs

...Because [info]cashew wanted more reading material. Not all of these are completed fics, and I'm aware our tastes differ, but here's a few I've come across recently:

Author: Shivani Blue (at ffnet) - The cool thing about this author is that she updates very frequently. She also tends to write pro/powerful-Harry fics, so if you hate the character, this may not be for you. But try a few anyways.

* Biology - Completed Fic - Harry/Blaise - post OotP, featuring Evil!Dumbledore

* Induction - Completed Fic - HP/SS - post OotP, featuring a lot of hypnosis fun

* Forsaken - WIP - HP/DM - post OotP, featuring Dark!Harry (or rather, Harry joining a NotAsEvil!Voldemeort) and Evil!Dumbledore

* Crumbling Pedestal - WIP - HP/SS - My current favority of the bunch. It splits off into AU from around the fourth book. Features time travel, the Founders, Slytherin!Harry (literally!) and progressing nicely. The beginning starts off a little awkward, but things get better once we get into the past, and my favorite parts are after we return to the present-ish.


In Memory I, by Becka - WIP. This AU features a young Harry brought up by Death Eaters... but not the service of Voldemort. Features Reedemed!Death Eaters (especially love the characterization of Lucius), Revolutionary/Slytherin!Harry, and other unique storyline flavors. The author says it will eventually be both HP/DM and HP/SS. I must admit that for once, the latter pairing leaves me boggling in this case.

Aug. 14th, 2004

FAKE fic recs

Yeah I spent a couple of hours looking for FAKE fics. I actually went through a lot more than the three I ended up listing here, but I didn't bother to keep track of the ones that left me going "meh". Yeah, I know these fics are nothing better than just PWP, but even PWP should have *some* standards, right? Yes? No? Well, whatever.

Caution: These links go to fanfics which contain explicit guy-on-guy slash. If you rare offended by homosexuality or are not old enough to read NC-17 rated fics, stop reading this post now.

Move, by Kracken
I like this author because she seems to capture pretty well the dynamics and characters of Dee and Ryo. A lot of fics seem to needlessly stuff these guys into the stereotypical butch/sissy types common to yaoi-fics, sometimes to really OOC results. This one stays pretty true to the characters, even if the plot meandered a little. Or, as the author herself says at the end: "Kracken’s own Critique: Okay, the plot wandered, I lost track of the conflict, and then I tried to cover it up with steamy sex." But hey, that's still better than most.

Venom, by Kracken
I liked this one for similar reasons to the above. This time both boys get injured on the job. Not at the same time tho. NOT (mucho of) a hurt/comfort/angst fic though, so don't worry about that.

Infidelities, by happyberry
And now for something completely different. This one's OOC, but it's an OOC PWP that I can tolerate because the OOC is for the explicit purpose of the, er, physical relationship (aka sex), as opposed to OOC for the purposes of excessive badly-written angst. It's also got an Original Female Character in there which some Mary Sue-ish qualities. But she doesn't have anything to do with the steamy scenes on the end of Chapter 2 and in Chapter 3, which is the only important parts of the fic anyhow, IMO. :p

ADDENDUM: Day of Silence, by Crimson1
The fic is nice and fluffy. But I'm reccing this one mostly for the interesting idea behind it. Is there really a "Day of Silence" type thing IRL? It sounds interesting.

In other news, for [info]cashew, here's some sites where you can get various scans from the FAKE manga, including full to partial stories! (Sshhh, don't tell the lawyers tho ^_-):

FAKE page from the Yaoi Shrine site - These are a collection of ONLY the steamy scenes in all 7 manga volumes. Features all the kissing and *ahem* other scenes that showcase Dee and Ryo's relationship. Plus a few of the colored covers/insets.

Fakephoenix - Under the "Translations" link, you can find the scans and English translations of Act I (the first story). There's also a partial scanlation (just the relationship-focus part) of Act 19 and most of Act 20 (all except the last 3 pages). There's also a complete scanlation of the short story "Like, Like, Love" that is apparently an epilogue to the FAKE series, which was published in an... another anthology by the author, I believe. Very nice. The site also has a nice gallery with some nice colored images (for all your icon-making purposes ^_-).

That's it for now. Ja ne! ^_^

Jul. 8th, 2004

HL Fic Recs

Anything rated B and above I would recommend for HL or Connor fans. Anything rated A I'd recommend even to non-HL fans.

Immortal Encounters with the Kurgan, by Jan the Man
Very short. Two somewhat disjointed snippets with the Kurgan and two other major characters in the HL-verse (not Connor).
Rating: C

Delusions of Grandeur, by Jean
Very short. Methos' rather flippant explanation for the end of HL1. Not very in character. I think it's supposed to be a humor piece, except it's only amusing, not *that* funny.
Rating: C

Twelve Days in February, by Sue Kelly
Long; angsty. Duncan, Tessa, and Richie has a bit of a problem with a stalker. Or is that stalkers? Or is stalking even the real danger? I like the way the plot keeps twisting to maintain the mystery of what really is going on and who the real villain(ess) is. There's also a Connor cameo, though I think poor Connor is a bit OOC. Really, the fact that Duncan even called up Connor for help is a tad OOC, if you ask me. We've seen 7 seasons/years worth of Duncan dealing with some really bad stuff without resorting to call his elder.
Rating: B+

Family Secrets, by Sue Kelly
Longish. Richie-centric. Something of a Sue-fic, actally, with one of those Sues that you just wanna slap around. The only part I really paid any attention to was near the end, when Connor gets a cameo, and the even shorter Methos cameo. Methos was OOC though. Um, yeah, that's all I have to say about it.
Rating: C

Set of the Sail, by lynnann
Long; romance. Unlike the previous, this is a *good* Sue-fic. And boy oh boy would I love to be in that Sue's shoes. *eg* Some nice info about sea navigation in there. The author apparently did her research. It's also nice to see that part of Connor's canon history being explored. Oh, and I *loved* the kitty cat. Interestingly, the fic didn't deal with the issue of Immortality at all. It's all romance, really. Hope there's gonna be a sequel.
Rating: A-

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Jun. 25th, 2004

Fanfic recs

Haven't done one of these for a while. Most of these aren't stuff I've just only discovered. Some have been knocking around my harddrive/bookmarks for weeks or months now.

Misc recs - LOTR & HP )

Highlander Fics: )

More will be forthcoming in the future, I hope.

May. 25th, 2004

Am in total luv!!

Connor's Rotunda
Parda's site

Sometime I'll also need to make a list of some of the best fics from there... ^_^

May. 17th, 2004

Funny Troy Summary

Troy in 15 minutes

Very amusing. :D

BTW: So it was Sean Bean doing the prologue/epilogue voiceovers? I thought that was his voice in the epilogue, but... huh.

Apr. 27th, 2004

The Silmarillion in 1000 words

Got it from the thread ossian linked to. So very amusing.

The Silmarillion in 1000 words, by camwyn: click here
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Apr. 13th, 2004

Misc. Stuff

Not a slash archive, but while I was looking through the various K/S sites, I came across the Sarek & Amanda Group site, and they've got some very nicely written (non-slash) pieces in the archive. I especially like It's All Relative, by Saidicam, Selek, and T'Lea, which brings in the whole family on board the Enterprise. Fun, fun, fun. Also loved the other stories in the same universe/sequence by those same author(s).

In other news, my "The Statistics of Touching" got currently has the second most reviews of all my fics up on ffnet. ^_^ I was checking out the stories of those reviewers who also have accounts on ffnet, and I came across Gifts of Wood, which is a very cute and fluffy LOTR fic. Heheh... Gandalf and Thranduil come up with the ME answer to Santa Clause for the Yule celebration.

Meh, and also, what's up with CBR again? It seems to be down for me all morning. Blah.

Apr. 9th, 2004

K/S Recs

Well, actually, there's so many on this zine site: Side By Side, that I thought I'd just link the main site and let whoever's interested peruse the fics there as they wish. Many wonderful stories there ranging from drabbles to mini-novellas, drama to parodies.

Generally, though, I think the later editions have better qualities of writing than the earlier ones. So might be good to read the zines backwards by issue. Of course there are a few fics that are spread over two issues, but I don't think there are more than two or three of those.

Edit: And I suppose I'll also plug my favorite one from that archive - Through the Looking Glass, by Rari, from Issue #7. Features a guest star of the Mirror!Spock, who's a cool character in his own right, both on the show and in that fic.

Edit: also see link

Mar. 12th, 2004

Star Trek K/S fic recs (M-Z)

Continued from before. Entries from Trekiverse, M-Z.

(Note: All of my fic recs can be found under the "Fanfic Links" category in my Memories page.)

Warning: Many of these fics are NC-17 slash!

cut tagged for length )

Star Trek K/S fic recs (fics A-L)

These are all from the Trekiverse Archive, under the K/S pairing. Surprisingly, almost half the fics there were readable, and maybe 25% or so were even good. Compared to the 1% or so good fics rate that I'm used to in more recent fandoms like HP and LOTR, these were total gems. ^_^

Warning: Many of these are NC-17 slash!

edit: cut tagged for length )

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