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Jun. 13th, 2004

Reviews - Shrek 2, Hyperion/Fall of Hyperion

Right, so I was out for the most of yesterday. Woke up late, had lunch, then went to the movies to see Shrek. Then I holed myself up in Barnes & Nobles until their closing time before dragging myself back home again. A good day, all in all. ^_-

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Jun. 5th, 2004

Day Report (& Harry Potter 3 review)

Well, this morning just dragged on and on. I got up early so I can finally get [info]ossian's bday present mailed. Managed to get out of the house at like... 8:30 or so.

Spent ~2 hours just figuring out *how* I was gonna do this. What with packaging and boxing and whatever. I think I spent maybe 1 hour of it in the car just wrapping/packaging. Maybe 15-30 minutes of that time was spent on the road... specifially, spent on getting lost on the road. Driving by memory for me isn't really a good idea, even in my home city, which is a really really sad testament to the state of my memory. ^_^;;

Then spent half an hour or so in line at the post office and then sending the sucker off. I used express mail, since I spent so much time on the thing already that I might as well make it worth my time. This means that it'll get to the destination really fast (hopefully). It *should* get to Edmonton on Monday, or at least that's what the ads claim. But at the very latest it ought to get there by early next week. I think you may have to sign for it though, [info]ossian, so let's hope it gets there when you're home, else you might need to drop by the post office for it. :p But hey, at least it'll get there on time.

After that I decided that since it's close to noon, I might as well grab some fast food and go see a movie. Since I figured there'll be eateries next to the theater, I went there first...after some more confused directions and driving (*sweatdrop*). Got a ticket for the 12 o'clock Harry Potter 3 showing, which left me with like 30 minutes to run down a block or so to Burger King and grab something to go. I finished a small chocolate milkshake on my way back (it's really hot out today) and managed to sneak in a to-go bag with a 8-pc box of chicken tenders to the theater. I'm so bad. :p

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Well, that's enough yakking for now. I'm pretty much out of stuff to say. Hope that review was informative. Maybe I'll go see Shrek 2 some other time.

May. 27th, 2004

Dragon Slave!!

Heh. The Slayers movie was very amusing. ^_^

Interestingly, I think they did an excellent job with the voice cast. The DVD I got has both the Japanese and English voice version, with options for subtitles and stuff. I actually think that the English dub made more sense (ie. is more understandable) from a viewer's/plot point of view than the English subtitles. The main characters sounded pretty alike in both the English and Japanese version too. Well, they kept Nagha's laugh the same (ie. annoying) anyhow.

The movie isn't an animation/music masterwork with depth of content like "Ghost in the Shell" or "Princess Mononoke", but it is highly amusing and a great popcorn movie to giggle over with some friends.

And speaking of "Princess Mononke", I loved it too! ^_^ Wonderful, wonderful characters who are very well developed. None of that 2D cardboard cutouts anywhere, not even for the minor supporting characters.

The plot and theme were pretty obvious, but well explained and developed. I didn't get the sense of *too* much sermonizing and they did a pretty good job of "show, not tell". The myth/cosmology system didn't make much sense, but I guess that's probably just my ignorance of Japanese folklore/superstitions showing. By itself, no further explanations was neccessary to explain the truly important parts of the story.

And the characters... did I mention I loved the characters? Ashitaka and Mononoke reminded me somewhat of Chihiro and Haku from "Spirited Away", though a lot of their interactions and dynamics are different. The romance/love story wasn't too hammy, and was kinda cute, actually. Pitied the boar spirits. Love the wolf spirits - kawaii!! Moro was awesome and I recognized the voice through the synthesizer effect. ^_~

Great action, great drama... "Princess Mononoke" definitely lived up to its reputation!

...though I still say that Legolas has a 6/10 to 9/10 chance of beating Ashitaka in a Khazan match. :p

May. 23rd, 2004

Yesterday's movie reviews

Well, [info]cashew did a great job of summarizing our day out yesterday. Lots of fun watching movies and discussing all sorts of things over food. ^_^ Anyways, I thought I'd give my thoughts on the movies we watched. Maybe later I'll go over the manga.

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Mar. 28th, 2004

"Troy" Test Screening Review

The Review

A couple of things:

1. The reviewer obviously does not know his classical literature from a banana slug, so I think many of his comments, which might seem offensive to the more erudite, should be taken with a large grain of salt... like a whole bucketful.

2. Agamemmnon seems to be barbarian-ized. Though the motive "has always wanted Troy to fall under his power" is a possible hypothesis for the historical fall of Troy, I don't think it works in the context of a mythical/Homeric epic, which is what everyone else is going to be thinking of. That is, unless this movie is a documentary, they should probably stick to fiction.

3. "Don't let the advertising fool you, this is his [Eric Bana's] movie." Well, if they're going to positively portray the Trojan side through Hector instead of Paris, I suppose they might be able to make it work. Unfortunately, I've heard mixed reviews of The Hulk, Bana's last major movie.

4. It seems that Achilles isn't going to be developed as much as the Iliad did... which might account for the even lesser development of Patroclus. His part in the movie is mostly the fighting parts, and probably something with Briseis (who's also on the cast list).

5. Something [info]cashew might be happy about: "Ignore the third billing. Aside from setting the story in motion in the beginning, Bloom is hardly in the movie." Paris, it seems, doesn't get a lot of important scenes to play. I guess his name is high up there only because of the actor's fame. It makes sense, I suppose. In the Iliad, Paris didn't play a big part either except as the instigator of the war and the shooter of Achilles.

6. Patroclus: "...the whiny little brat who plays Achilles' cousin..." Guh? I'm really hoping the guy didn't pay too much attention to Patroclus and therefore got his information wrong. Cousin? Dude.

7. Helen: The guy was too busy admiring her assets to notice anything else. Le sigh. I guess there goes another (possibly) epic movie without any strong feminine roles. But I guess taking the Gods, especially Aphrodite, out of the scenario makes Helen a much less sympathetic character.

Saturday Report

Once again, [info]cashew has done a much better (and faster) job than me on the recap of our Saturday together.

I actually had a pretty late breakfast that morning, so I decided to skip lunch and just get a boba drink. I tried the Chrysanthemum Pearl Tea at the Sweetheart Cafe. Mmmmm... it was good. Sweet with the faint taste of flowers. I'm going to have to look for Chrysanthemum tea in the stores now. ^_^

"Starsky and Hutch"? Slashy, verily. Goodness, they had more mushy scenes together than a lot of hetero couples in a non-romance movie. About the only thing they didn't have is a kiss scene and a nudity sce--oh wait, I suppose the dinky towels scene sorta counts... make that "and a sex scene".

Troy looks very nice. I'm really curious about how they're going to end it though. The Iliad ended *before* the Trojan Horse and the fall of Troy. But ending the movie somewhere after Achilles dies doesn't make for a very coherent storyline. Cinematically, I just don't think they can get away with showing a resolution to the war, which would have to involve the Trojan Horse 'cause *everyone* already knows that story. Which begs the question, how are they gonna film the end of the movie when two of their main leads (Hektor and Achilles) are already dead.

Likewise, it's going to be interesting to see if they mention Paris & the Golden Apples story in relation to the kidnapping of Helen. As well, the involvement of Thetis in Achilles' story, such as bringing him his new armor from Hephaestos. Since we haven't seen anyone being cast as a Greek God/dess, it's fair to guess that they're not going to be included in the film, which makes the above two parts interesting to rewrite.

Comic Relief... Read the manga "Dahlia", which cashew recommended. It was kinda freaky and somewhat confusing. The Salome story reminded me of another fanfic which was also based off the "Salome" play. "Hellsing" looked interesting. "Shadow Lady" is obviously mainly fan service. Also read the latest issue of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"; the art was very nice as always, and I notice that the plot line is starting to move toward the direction of the CTHD movie, as opposed to the TV series. Also read the latest issues of some westernized Chinese comics. Not much to write about but the obvious - they had much fun slaughtering Chinese mythology.

Comics-wise, I got my hands on "Lucifer: Inferno". The Morningstar rules, as usual. Stomping demon lords and angelic champions and whatnot all without any of his powers. What's ironic is that while I was reading it, some girl came up to me and started trying to get me to join some Christian organization/charity or whatever. Gee... maybe the fact that I'm currently reading a graphic novel labeled "LUCIFER" is kinda a hint that maybe I'm not a good Christian girl? *snerk*

Also flipped through the latest issue of "Meridian" and "Negation" and the last issue of "Scion". The "Negation War" is looking to be interesting, as long as Crossgen doesn't cut and run halfway through. Didn't see "Mystic" though, darnit.

Dinner was nice, though I think I might have stuffed myself. Also noticed that the BBQ place seems to have more fat in their meats than before. Huh. Maybe the meat prices are going up again.

Mar. 8th, 2004

Master and Commander fanfics.

Well, I mentioned this in the last entry. Needless to say, I looked on ffnet. I found out the movie is based on a book...of a trilogy. I wonder if there's going to be sequels? *is chagrined of ignorance of history & literature*

Oh, and going through the fics in ffnet, an overwhelming number seem to have Jack (the captain) refers to Stephen (the doc) as "joy" or "my dear"... and vice-versa too. There's just no way that all of it is made up by the fan-authors. Which means that such endearments must've been in the canon (most likely the book). *facepalm* Talk about slash-fodder.

Desire - Um... A non-explicit PWP? Just a snapshot scene really...

With All My Heart - More of a friendship fic. The slash is somewhat one-sided, "lets be friends" type deal. But at least there's no wallowing afterwards. The spacing is somewhat annoying... it looks like ffnet butchered whatever format the fic was submitted in.

Ship's Rations - Nonexplicit slash... nothing more than a kiss. Quite a bit of talking things out though.

Weather - Really, really short fic which does not waste any words. Rather well written too, with some nice imagery. Oddest thing is that the title/author info is under the fic. So I read the short fic and looked down and went "wait... that's it?!"

I need help. No, scratch that... I need my parents off my back so I can read fics at home. *grumble*

Movies talk

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