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Dec. 14th, 2010

fic recs

HP/Marvel comics xover - Pure crack. I was in tears. *heheh*

HP/ST:TNG xover - another hilarious fic featuring Q inflicting his presence on Hogwarts. I get the feeling it didn't quite end at the last chapter tho...

On the Way to Greatness - A serious non crossover HP fic this time. This is a Harry sorted into Slytherin fic which tries to avoid all the cliches of the genre.

The Best Revenge - A Snape mentors Harry fic where the adults aren't incompetent and are willing to step up to take the risks that a student shouldn't be left to deal with.

Jun. 19th, 2010

WIP favorites

A Change in the Weather
BVS/SG1 - Buffy x Jack O'Neill

Perpetual Tuesday
BVS/SG1 - Buffy x Mini-Jack

Bunny Buffy What's the Difference
Like Father Like Daughter
BVS/NCIS/(Tom Clancy) - Gibbs as Buffy's dad

I Just Want to Know Where I Come From
BVS/Criminal Minds - David Rossi as Buffy & Dawn's dad

A Day in the Life by imjustaguy
Culture/BG03 crossover. Discontinued.

Culture Shock by Ruskbyte
Culture/HP crossover. Discontinued.

Voyage of the Aesir by Sayle
Stargate/Star Trek/Babylon 5 crossover. Asguard and ST centric so far.

XSGCOM: Terra from the Deep
SG1/X-COM. Part 2 of an epic series.

The Tau'ri's Destiny
SG1/SGU AU. Destiny returns to Earth before being damaged. Humanity gates there in 1992. Forced disclosure soon after.

Special Agent Harris series

May. 18th, 2010

Highlander and Xover recs

Pure HL recs )

HL Xovers )

BVS xover recs )

Other xover recs )

Non-xover )

Jan. 11th, 2008

K/S fics

All slash of course. Caveat lector (I think it goes?)

There seems to have been updates to the trekiverse archives since I last browsed. (Or at least, the bajillion downloads I have from there don't include some of these.)

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Dec. 21st, 2007

Blooper Reel (Take Two)

Title: Blooper Reel (Take Two)
Fandom: Star Trek TNG
Pairing: Geordi/Data
Genre: Humor/Romance
Rating: PG for kiss
Warnings: Slash
Summary: A scene from the episode Force of Nature takes an unexpected turn.

The Spot plot-kitty bit me. Blame her. )

Apr. 13th, 2004

Misc. Stuff

Not a slash archive, but while I was looking through the various K/S sites, I came across the Sarek & Amanda Group site, and they've got some very nicely written (non-slash) pieces in the archive. I especially like It's All Relative, by Saidicam, Selek, and T'Lea, which brings in the whole family on board the Enterprise. Fun, fun, fun. Also loved the other stories in the same universe/sequence by those same author(s).

In other news, my "The Statistics of Touching" got currently has the second most reviews of all my fics up on ffnet. ^_^ I was checking out the stories of those reviewers who also have accounts on ffnet, and I came across Gifts of Wood, which is a very cute and fluffy LOTR fic. Heheh... Gandalf and Thranduil come up with the ME answer to Santa Clause for the Yule celebration.

Meh, and also, what's up with CBR again? It seems to be down for me all morning. Blah.

Apr. 12th, 2004

And again: Holeee Great Bird of the Galaxy! :-p

My inner geek has just died and gone to sweet, sweet heaven.

Okay, the animation isn't the best, but what would you expect from a fan production? Me, I'm more impressed that they were able to cobble up a pretty intriguing story idea that could cram all the cameo shots in. I think *every* character that appeared on there was a major character from one of the Trek's. Dammit, why couldn't the offical Trek writers/producers come up with something of that caliber? Pffft.

Oh, and the K/S? Sooooo in there. It's pretty obvious they were trying to go for non-controversial uber-friendship. But my gutter-mindedness kept screaming "slash! slash!" every time the two of them talked to each other. ^_^;;


I was just browsing the TrekBBS TOS board for information on when Paramount's gonna turn out a DVD box set when I came across this hilarious post.

Guartho wrote in reply to the thread titled "What exactly was wrong with TOS uniforms?":

It all boils down to Gene Roddenberry's vision of sexually liberated humans. It's the most efficient uniform for random sexual encounters. The women's skirts were short with nice low necklines and the men's pants tight, shirts tear-away. Starfleet uniforms have no belts allowing perfect, awkward-free and smooth pant removal.

The famous and puzzling lack of pockets came about in the 2230's when Starfleet crews became tired of the pick-up line "Is that a universal translator in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" From then on "Nice shoes, wanna @#%%," has been more than sufficient and catapulted the fledgling Federation leather boot industry into the position of the Fed's biggest domestic industry.

However, even in the sextacular funworld of the 23rd century, sexual relationships within your own department can be bad for morale. Therefore everyone wears bright colors to denote department, allowing a moment's notice to tell if that hunk o' ensign or sweet dish o' lieutenant is off-limits or not. Each ship has its own insignia for similar reasons. When two crews encounter one another, crew members can tell easily if their interest is from the other ship and totally fair game, regardless of department.

Interestingly enough, even though he was Cassanova on-screen, our beloved Captain's position of ultimate authority prevented him from 'interacting' with anyone on board. This lead to his incredible sex-drive whenever he set eyes on a woman outside of his crew.

The rank stripes have nothing to do with sex. C'mon... you gotta fly the ship sometime!

*laughs self silly* Owie. ^_~

Apr. 9th, 2004

K/S Recs

Well, actually, there's so many on this zine site: Side By Side, that I thought I'd just link the main site and let whoever's interested peruse the fics there as they wish. Many wonderful stories there ranging from drabbles to mini-novellas, drama to parodies.

Generally, though, I think the later editions have better qualities of writing than the earlier ones. So might be good to read the zines backwards by issue. Of course there are a few fics that are spread over two issues, but I don't think there are more than two or three of those.

Edit: And I suppose I'll also plug my favorite one from that archive - Through the Looking Glass, by Rari, from Issue #7. Features a guest star of the Mirror!Spock, who's a cool character in his own right, both on the show and in that fic.

Edit: also see link

The Statistics of Touching

Okay, here's my entry for the last Friday's challenge from [info]cashew, under the topic of statistically abnormal behaviors. I think it came out okay.

Title: The Statistics of Touching
Fandom: Star Trek TOS
Characters: Kirk/Spock, Sarek/Amanda
Genre: Drama.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Slash
Summary: While stuck in sickbay, Kirk has an awkward and illuminating conversation with the parents of his Vulcan friend.

the story )

Apr. 8th, 2004

More K/S slashy goodness

What can I say? They're perfect for each other. THE classic slash couple. ^_^

These are screencaps of the *original* episodes/movies. Unaltered. No photoshop manipulation needed. And the subtitles inside the pictures are also the original script. Unaltered.

Errand of Mercy - Physical contact much? In tights, no less.

Shore Leave - [falsetto]Darling! Save me![/falsetto]

STI: The Motion Picture - Just look at those last two images. @_@

STIV: The Voyage Home - C'mon, how many guys would sit *that* close to each other? In public, no less. And here we all thought Vulcans don't like to touch/be touched because of the whole touch-telepathy thing. *eg*

STV: The Final Frontier - Dear gods... Talk about subtext... 72 pt font subtext. They outta rate the movie R just for this one scene.

STV: The Final Frontier - Zero-G tango. *snicker*

STV: The Final Frontier - aka. "Please Captain, not in front of the Klingons."

I am muchly amused. ^_^

Mar. 20th, 2004

Today is a book day, a fun day, a good day...

Well, [info]cashew did a much better job than I of summarizing our day spent bookstore raiding today. So go see her lovely entry here for her recap.

Borders was fun. I broke down and finally bought Diane Duane's Spock's World, which has long been held to be official fanon for STTOS, as oxymoronic as "official fanon" can be considered. Also look forward if we ever get our hands on a copy of "The Ring". That was one freaky manga, IMO, even in the text. I just know I'm gonna spend most of the movie hiding behind my hands, wimp that I am. :p

B&N in Emeryville is huuuuuuuuuuge. It's paradise, basically. ^_^ Read the Trek book Badlands I, which is a book which has two separate stories taking place in the badlands (an area of space first introduced in the Maquis arc in late TNG). The first took place in TOS era, and the second took place in the TNG era.

The slashy bit? Well, the Enterprise (original one) had just captured a Romulan smuggler, a very charismatic female captain, who's doing her best to try and convince Kirk that she wasn't smuggling what Starfleet had sent the Enterprise to investigate, and they should let her ship go. Kirk gets disturbed by the fact that he's starting to believe her and trust her words. All of a sudden, he realizes that he's trusting her because she's a lot like Spock, who he trusts implicitly (this is actually in the narration, which includes a string of adjectives which Kirk uses in his mental monologue to describe his Vulcan XO. ^_- ) Moreover, he notes that the Romulan captain has some of the same *subtle gestures and facial expressions and other small details of her persona* as Spock... gee, Cap'n... You sure have noticed a lotta very small details about that first officer of yours. *nudge nudge wink wink* :p

Hehe... so very hot.

ADDENDUM: Also read the manga Psychic Academy 1. The plot and characters were interesting. But the clothing fashions in that book? So, very, very, very scary... in the ugly, cringe-worthy kinda way. I mean, metal panty-shaped underwear on outside of a *guy*'s clothing? Armor-like uniforms for female students which have a metal cap over their groin (actually, it's over their lower abdomen, not groin area)? So... ick. Also, the art style for girls in that manga is totally fanservice. All the girls have huge melons on their chests. It looks very, very painful. *cringe*

Yep. This was a very, very productive day. A very Good day. :D

PS: Oh yeah... and we came across one of my former roomies at B&N, who finally gave me my part of the deposit check on our previous apartment. Ah well, better late than never. :p

Mar. 12th, 2004

Star Trek K/S fic recs (M-Z)

Continued from before. Entries from Trekiverse, M-Z.

(Note: All of my fic recs can be found under the "Fanfic Links" category in my Memories page.)

Warning: Many of these fics are NC-17 slash!

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Star Trek K/S fic recs (fics A-L)

These are all from the Trekiverse Archive, under the K/S pairing. Surprisingly, almost half the fics there were readable, and maybe 25% or so were even good. Compared to the 1% or so good fics rate that I'm used to in more recent fandoms like HP and LOTR, these were total gems. ^_^

Warning: Many of these are NC-17 slash!

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Mar. 9th, 2004

New fandom?

Well, okay, I've been a fan of Star Trek, both classic and TNG in the past. But I think I'm revisiting that fandom again from all the recent TOS (especially K/S) fics.

Oh, and speaking of subtext on this most classic fandom wherein much of slash-tradition hails from? Take a look at this. What's the word, cashew? ...eyef*ck? :D

Oh, and icons... I need icons. I'm open to suggestions to which (one or few) is the best. ^_^

Mar. 4th, 2004

Fanfics for fun

Ah... it's been quite a while since I've (over)indulged in fanfics. I found today's foray into the untamed wilds of to be quite fulfilling. Of course, it helped that I followed the experience-honed tactic of avoiding all the popular fandoms and restricting my search to the ones not overwhelmed by raving idiots such as those typically found responsible for 90% of HP and LOTR fics. So without further ado, the fics.

Fandom: Highlander

Elementary, My Dear Dawson is a Sherlock Holmes crossover. Admittedly, it has been a loooong while since I've read Arthur Conan Doyle, but I think that the author managed to capture some of the tone of the typical Sherlock Holmes story. Of course, the main plot was rather drab and straightforward, but I liked it more for the... ambience, I guess. The fact that Methos is one of my fangirl obssessions and favorite HL character might've also factored into my enjoyment. ^_^

A Guy Named Nick is a very short Christmas story. It's somewhat unique in that it uses a OC for a purely plot-driven purpose and not as a Sue-type... even if I found the kid annoying for daring to disagree with Methos on anything (but then again, that's probably just fangirl bias :p). Aaaanways, the main story is short and cute, and I think what was said and how it was said suits Methos' character quite well. You can never tell if he's actually being serious... :p

No Room At the bar is yet another Christmas story; ostensibly of the first Christmas... I suppose you could call it an AU version of the Christian tale of Jesus' birth. Not for the religiously puritan, even if the subject is treated surprisingly seriously. Should be taken with a grain of salt and a dash of humor.

Fandom: Comics (Nightwing in particular)

She Loves Me Not - somewhat humorous fic following the (recent?) canon event of the breakup between Nightwing & Oracle. Certain ladies in the superhero business just happen to be passing by Bludhaven. And our poor hero is entirely unaware of the whole business that unfolds in the short story. *snicker*

After The Fall - a followup to another (even more recent?) even in canon. More of a dialogue/mood piece centering on a... heartfelt? ...conversation between 'Wing and Batman after said event. I wouldn't know if anyone is OOC, and I don't really care; I liked it.

WARNING: The rest of these recs feature SLASH/SHONEN-AI! )

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