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Sep. 15th, 2010

Alternative Destiny series

Title: Drummer Boy (outline)
Series: Alternative Destiny, following Desert Bloom
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Genre: Time Travel / AU
Rating: PG
Summary: Our heroes find out about the price of their success when a young boy comes through the stargate asking them to save another more advanced race.

Drummer Boy )

1. The whole Reetou rebel idea of fighting the Goa'uld through attrition seems to be a really dumb idea for any gate-capable race to come up with, IMO. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of any better target for the rebel Reetou to attack, and still get Terra the TERs, so I went with it.
2. As to the fate of "Charlie"... the series just sort of never mentioned him after the Tok'ra took him. I might bring him back in a future chapter if dramatically appropriate.

Sep. 7th, 2010

Alternative Destiny series

Title: Diplomatic Solutions
Series: Alternative Destiny, immediately following First Step Forward
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Genre: Time Travel / AU
Rating: PG
Summary: With the heady rush of success in extracting SG-2 from Goa'uld territory, the SGC now turns its attention to the missing SG-1 on P3R-636 and questions of what to do with the young Sodan warrior who helped out SG-2.

Diplomatic Solutions )

1. I'm taking a departure from canon in my characterization of the Sodan. After 5000 years (though probably not that long in this timeline) of semi-isolation, self-rule, and studiously pursuit of the wisdom of the Ancients, they shouldn't still be a cardboard cut-out of Jaffa culture. Mixing Ancient ideology and Jaffa ideology, maybe something similar to the Shaolin stereotype of the wuxia genre (sans the celibacy bits)... Also, in order for them to successfully raid for symbiotes at the rate they must need them I assume they must have some kind of advanced intelligence system.
2. After much deliberation, Jack gets to be the first one with a death count in this timeline. Also made it a repeated death since "Frozen"/"Abyss" won't happen this time. I might as well get his quota of kills over with at once. As for Daniel...I'm sure he'll catch up in the death count somehow. Some things are just part of the character. (Oops...spoiler?)

Aug. 28th, 2010

Alternative Destiny series

Title: Out With a Bang
Series: Alternative Destiny, following Storm Front
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Genre: Time Travel / AU
Rating: PG
Summary: It won't be a Stargate season finale without something blowing up in a spectacular manner. AKA, the more things change, the more clear it is who fate is out to get.

Out With a Bang )

1. Poor Ra, with the timeline mangled and Earth trying not to get into a war, he still managed to die more or less on schedule anyway. :P
2. I'm not entirely sure I want to keep Kinsey around. He always seem to be too much of a caricature to me. But I left enough wiggle room to let him make a comeback if dramatically necessary.
3. The unknown ship is a hint at the next chapter/season to come.
4. I removed the references to elections since I've still undecided about which election schedule to use. Canon SG-1 has an election year that's 1 year ahead of RL. West Wing (still considering it) is 2 years ahead of RL.

Aug. 23rd, 2010

Alternative Destiny series

Title: First Step Forward
Series: Alternative Destiny, following Exposition in a Can
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Genre: Time Travel / AU
Rating: PG
Summary: Destiny's first interstellar mission is unexpectedly green-lighted for Heliopolis, while the first SG teams deployed off-world run into some trouble.

First Step Forward )

1. P3R-636 is from the canon S2 episode "Need", where Naquadah mines were first seen (ignoring the movie, of course, since they never revisited the Abydos mines). I figure since they already know they need the stuff this time around, that planet will be scouted out sooner.
2. Chulak (P3X-237 here) was picked because that's where Hathor went in canon. Also, I needed a world with Goa'uld larvae for a first contact with the Sodan. Since Ra used human soldiers instead of Jaffa, Chulak was a good alternative and has some uses to setup future stuff.
3. The storms on Heliopolis in these timelines will not be annual. Mostly because I can't get the dates to align with canon. So we'll just have them occur at random... random meaning whenever our heroes need to be challenged by it.

Aug. 20th, 2010

Alternative Destiny series

Title: Exposition in a Can
Series: Alternative Destiny, following Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Genre: Time Travel / AU
Rating: PG
Summary: Exactly as the title says. It's been 2 years since the discovery of Destiny. A lot is said, little is done.

Exposition in a Can )

1. I changed Kennedy to Special Agent instead of Colonel. It never made sense to me why the NID, which is supposed to be the civilian oversight organization, would have military officers as their agents (eg. Col. Kennedy, Simmons, Maybourne). It makes more sense to have them all as Special Agents (like Agent Barrett).
2. So how much are Jack/Sam/Daniel influenced by the traces of their alternates in their downloads from Destiny? As much as plot requires... >.>
3. I'm having Destiny fly through a star instead of just skimming the surface (photosphere?) as it apparently did on the show. At least, past the convective zone is definitely far enough to qualify for "through" the sun. This is mainly for the cool factor and also to show off Destiny's studly shields.

Aug. 19th, 2010

Alternative Destiny series

Title: Sins Come to Roost (outline)
Series: Alternative Destiny, following
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Genre: Time Travel / AU / Crossover with "The Sentinel"
Rating: PG
Summary: There are still snakes hiding on Earth. SGC is trying not to make the same mistakes a second time. Unfortunately, they're not the only birds after this worm.

Sins Come to Roost )

1. "The Sentinel" takes place from 1996 to 1999. The SG1 episode "Seth" took place in early season 3/1999, so it probably took place before Jim was outted as a Sentinel in the series finale.

Aug. 17th, 2010

Alternative Destiny series

Title: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Series: Alternative Destiny
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Genre: Time Travel / AU
Rating: PG
Summary: Things would have been much simpler if Earth had never come to the attention of the System Lords. Last time they didn't know any better. This time, it was their own fault.

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy )

I debated having Hathor snake Sara and get away with Charlie, as a parallel to what happened to Sha're & Skaara in the original timeline. However, that's just going to end up with Jack on SG1 determined to get them back. I wanted to try something different for this universe other than "SG-1" centric, so I dropped that idea.

Aug. 9th, 2010

Alternative Destiny series

Title: The Return That Wasn't
Series: Alternative Destiny
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Genre: Time Travel / AU
Rating: PG
Summary: Destiny touches off a string of events that spells big changes for its chosen commander and the rest of mankind. In the end, Jack really only has himself to blame.

The Return That Wasn't )

1. The date 1994 is a reference to the movie, even though in TV continuity, the first trip to Abydos took place in '95 or '96. I'm just also assuming that by '94, the equipment at Cheyenne was good enough be re-written into a working DHD.
2. Kawalsky and Ferretti were ranked Lieutenant in the movie, and Major in the TV show. I'm going with TV continuity here. The rest of the team mentioned from the movie will remain lieutenants.
3. Even though domivaitus is a known Ancient word for 'master', I felt the Latin word dux/ducis for commander/leader/guide would fit the captain of Destiny much better. Doctored, of course, so it's pseudo-Latin like the rest.
4. The words/sentences in Ancient/pseudo-Latin means "I need sleep", "I am good", "Quiet", and "Destiny" (the name of the ship).

Aug. 8th, 2010

Alternative Destiny index - Stargate - PG

This story came about from reading one too many Stargate AU/crossovers on SB forums.

The "original" timeline used will be an AU. I'm ignoring all of the time travel episodes. There is no solar-flare induced time travel option to the gates, and the timeships that SG1/SGA found were abandoned precisely because they didn't work/couldn't change the existing timeline.

However, for those events which do take place in canon and here (the black hole system, Tollan's evacuation, etc.), I'm using the original air date of the episode in question as a rough guide for when it happens, since I'm using a different "season" system than the show.

Story Index )

SG-1 Cast Transcripts Screencaps Avalon gates Ancient Language
Latin quotes dictionary 2 3 java
AU FleeTech SpaceTime Cast Errata
Ref AFB tropes disease

Aug. 7th, 2010

Alternative Destiny series

Title: The Circle Closes
Series: Alternative Destiny (Epilogue)
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Genre: Time Travel / AU
Rating: PG
Summary: In an AU where the Ancients weren't quite so neglectful, where time travel isn't a cheap deux ex machina, SG-1 still manages to hatch an insane plan to use Ancient technology mess with the timeline anyway.

The Circle Closes )

In this "original" timeline (an AU itself), O'Neill accompanied SG-1 on the last trip to the Asgard in the episode 'Unending'.

Aug. 6th, 2010

Alternative Destiny series

Title: Once More From the Top
Series: Alternative Destiny (Prologue)
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Genre: Time Travel / AU
Rating: PG
Summary: In an AU where the Ancients weren't quite so neglectful, where time travel isn't a cheap deux ex machina, SG-1 still manages to hatch an insane plan to use Ancient technology and mess with the timeline anyway.

Once More From the Top )

1. Some changes have been made to the ship designations and Earth command structures, more to indicate that the original timeline is also an AU of the canon SG-1 universe. It is also post-Disclosure.
2. I'm not taking the Stargate RPG as canon. In these timelines, Thor was already a commander 5000 years ago, though possibly not yet Supreme Commander.
3. Italicized speech indicate the Ancient language.

Jan. 20th, 2010

Detective Conan drabble series index

Ninja back editting...

Listed in chronological order:

That Special Insanity

Bearer of Tidings

Communication Kills

Cabin Fever

Mada Mada Dane (I)

Mada Mada Dane (II)

Jan. 14th, 2010

Detective Conan drabble series

Internet was almost dead last night. Took about 30 mins just to get 5 clovers - that's how slow it was. So I copied this update to a flash drive and am uploading at work.

These are shorter snippets and they sorta go together anyway. And no, I still have no plot. This fandom is pretty hard to write for. :-/

Cabin Fever )

Mada Mada Dane (I) )

Mada Mada Dane (II) )

Jan. 10th, 2010

Detective Conan drabble series

Bearer of Tidings )

Yeah, I know they shouldn't be this bad off after only one all-nighter. For Heiji let's just chalk it up to the physical exertion of escaping certain DOOM and running for his life before getting to Tokyo. And Shinichi... I dunno... little kids need more sleep?

Added 1/11:

Communication Kills )

Jan. 9th, 2010

Detective Conan drabble (series)

MIGHT be part of a series. Who knows. Depends on if the muses stick around. I promise to try and keep the Magic Kaito cast out of it as much as possible.

That Special Insanity )

Bleh... better title wanted, plz.

Aug. 1st, 2009

Poem - Arete Serenitas

I dunno, maybe it's the hour, or maybe playing with muses on MUD had inspired me, but I wrote up a poem for the third account's profile. The poem is sort of based on the avatar image, of course, and partly on the name.

Arete Serenitas
by: me

When darkest before dawn
Pray of Eos to herald the end of the night
When in the tempest rage
Pray of Iris to herald the end of the blight.

When endless bloodshed flows
Pray of Irene's guidance to end the fight
When lost in unknown wilds
Pray of Luna and the stars' guiding light

Endless prayers through time are given wing
To which no god e'er descend their height
Yet unlooked for, the wonder within
The human virtues and human might

Of all the ills from Pandora's box
Was Hope gifted last of Man's birthright
Leaders, creators, peacemakers, all
Dream for mortal-kind wings to take flight



1. OK, it's kind of meh, but what do you expect at almost midnight while I'm on meds.

2. Only two items on that avatar costed over 3k. The staff was 7k and is actually a hand down from my main account. The wings is around 20k.

3. Also, I did a search for Chinese literary references to nightingales (for my main account). I came up with the two following by western authors:
The Nightingale by Hans Christian Andersen
The Chinese Nightingale by Vachel Lindsay
Would be nice to find some references from Chinese authors, although that would involve a lot of reading through Chinese sites. *sigh*

Dec. 21st, 2007

Blooper Reel (Take Two)

Title: Blooper Reel (Take Two)
Fandom: Star Trek TNG
Pairing: Geordi/Data
Genre: Humor/Romance
Rating: PG for kiss
Warnings: Slash
Summary: A scene from the episode Force of Nature takes an unexpected turn.

The Spot plot-kitty bit me. Blame her. )

Jul. 26th, 2007

Fic - SM/Ouran random drabbles

Completely random... absolutely no context... continuity what continuity?...


Inspired by

"Tsukino Usagi, Class 1-A."

"Tsukino? Didn't your family just buy Chiba Inc.?" Kyouya had flipped his notebook open and began scribbling.

"Not exactly. That was a dower payment actually..."

"A what--?" Haruhi looked to her senpai-tachi with a confused look, wondering if this was yet another idiosyncracy of the rich.

A sharp squeal from Minako interrupted the conversation.

"Oh my goddess! He actually did it?! Man, Usa, you're so lucky in your man!"

"Oh please," Rei huffed, running a hand through her hair. "Like one measly Fortune 500 company is really that high a dower to shell out for the future King of the Earth."

"...What?" This time the bewildered statement came from the Hitachi twins instead of Haruhi. The host club looked at Kyouya in unison as if he had the answers to everything. In response, Kyouya merely cleared his throat and seemed to bury himself into the notebook, still scribbling madly.

"Don't you have a single romantic bone in your body?!" demanded the Venusian goddess of love. "It's not what the company is, it's the symbolism of giving one! He's symbolizing that he'll give her the world!"

"But we already know he's going to do that," Ami commented, sounding quite puzzled.

"AARGH!" Minako draped herself all over Usagi in melodrama. "No wonder you two never date! Usa-chan, help me out here!"

"Well, you know, since this club is devoted to bringing romance to young ladies, maybe we should ask them to help Rei-chan and Ami-chan to see the light," Usagi joked.



"You know," one giggling blonde said to the other, "Tamaki-san's lines sound rather...familiar."

Usagi turned from looking on while an enthusiastic Tamaki was trying to woo a increasingly flustered Ami to stare at Minako in surprise.

"Really? You can't mean Mamo-chan, can you?"

"No, no," Minako assured her, "Mamoru-san is more show not tell."

"Eh, Haruka and Michiru?" Usagi tried again, thinking hard of all the couples that they were familiar with.

"Oh goddess no!" Minako choked on her pineapple canape. "Nobody's like Haruka and Michiru, and that's a good thing for us all."

"Motoki and Reika?"

"No...oh I remember now!" Minako raised a fist into the air in victory. "Endymion!"

There was a short silence as they pondered that. Or, rather, Usagi was mentally reviewing her dusty memories as Princess Serenity of the White Moon and comparing it to the blond man who was now dipping Ami-chan precariously.

Slowly, a grin creeped across Usagi's face as she watched their antics. "He does, doesn't he? I never noticed how much Mamo-chan had changed since the days when Endymion first started wooing Serenity."

"I guess death and rebirth will do that for ya," Minako sighed now, her mood turning dark suddenly as she remembered the reason for the Earth Prince's change in personality.

"Maybe," Usagi nudged the other blond, turning to her with a wicked grin of conspiracy. "But I bet I can draw 'Endy' out of Mamo-chan."

Minako cackled, all her dark thoughts forgotten. "Oh I want to see this!"


"Oh, Hikaru..."

"Oh, Kaoru..."

"Oh brother," Rei rolled her eyes.

"What?" Minako defended, "it's a classic!"

"Ha! Haruka and Michiru put on a much better show when they're of a mind to," Rei insisted.

"I don't get it," Usagi whined, diverting their attention away from the argument.

"Imagine Mamoru-san and Kunzite..." Minako trailed off teasingly.

Usagi screwed up her face in concentration, but it was apparent that she was at the end of her imaginative powers. The girls sweatdropped.

"Don't sprain yourself, Usagi," Rei warned, then turned to Minako. "Bad example, Mina-chan. You know both of them are into blonds."

Minako considered the statement and had to agree. "So... Kunzite and Zoisite?"

They turned just in time to see poor Ami drop into a dead faint.


Jul. 12th, 2007

SM Fic - Endymion & Shitennou (II)

Ways in Which Endymion Did Not Reunite with the Shitennou (II)

Chiba Mamoru collapsed into the bed of his new apartment, staring blindly out the balcony at the dark night and bright moon. Somehow, it should feel like more of an accomplishment, his acceptance to Azabu Jr. High.

But it didn't. He still felt the aching emptiness in himself that had followed him through his stay in the orphanage ever since the accident that robbed him of his family and his memories. It still overshadowed everything else in his life. Except for the visions that sometimes plagued his dreams... visions of an angel that called to him, and sometimes of the vague forms of people and places from a past that he did not remember.

As Mamoru felt himself drifting off into dreams, one last wistful thought crossed his mind.

I wish I wasn't alone anymore...


In the heart of the Earth, the priest of Elysion looked up into the starry sky that mirrored the surface world and frowned as his heart resonated with the feelings of the Prince of Earth. He could understand that feeling perfectly, and wished with his being as well that something could be done about it.

At that moment, the vision crystal in the shrine glowed with a warm golden light. Startled, Helios looked up into its depths, and there saw four figures. He recognized them immediately, and noted as well that the bonds that tied them to the Prince was still present in them. But so were the bonds that tied them to darkness.

Helios frowned. Could he risk it? Risk giving the Prince some of the companionship he sought against the possibility of the attracting the evil that is returning?

The course of reality paused, and then split. At the time gates, Sailor Pluto noticed a minor flicker in the ever shifting corridors. With a bare glance through the time gates to verify that Crystal Tokyo still stood shining and proud, she went back to whatever it was the Time Guardian did to while away the time she stood guard at the gates.


Across the globe, four young men tossed in their sleep. In their dreams, each was running as if hell itself was on their heels. And it was, a roiling darkness that followed them, dragging down their steps with a black thread that pulled at them. They struggled against the bonds, their only hope the small glimmer of golden light that always hovered ahead of them. Each man knew that if they could just reach that light, they would be free.


The dream was different this time, Mamoru noted. For some reason, the vague images of his past were not so vague this night. He could scarcely hope that he might actually remember something real this time. Involuntarily, he took a few steps toward the blurry figure that seemed to be the "closest" to him.

He was surprised when a young man suddenly appeared from the mists and crashed into him, knocking the both of them onto the ground. This was certainly the first time that his dream approached him instead of him chasing after it. His startled blue eyes looked up into the fearful eyes of the man on top of him. The man's features were uncomfortably familiar, and Mamoru couldn't help but reach up to that face.

"Who are you...?"

"Please," came the choked reply from the man, "please I'm sorry... so sorry... please, just don't let it catch me..."

That was when Mamoru saw the darkness that was fast approaching them. He felt its malevolence and the fear it caused in the man before him. For some reason, that infuriated him.

His courage bolstered by righteous fury, Mamoru surged to his feet and pushed the other man behind him protectively. His clothing had been replaced by, appropriately, the armor of a western style knight. With instinctive ease, he drew his sword and called out to the darkness in challenge.

"You can't have him!"


And indeed, Mamoru could see the truth of that statement. He could see the dark thread that entangled the man to the darkness, just as he could also see the golden threads that tied the man to...him? The revelation somehow saddened and uplifted his spirits all at once.

"No... no, please..." came the almost imperceptible whisper behind him.

That soft plea alone decided him. Mamoru glared at the darkness before him in defiance.

"I said... you can't have him!"

And with that he swept forward, his sword cleaving through the air at the dark threads. There was an audible SNAP that seemed to shake the entire dreamscape, and the dark threads exploded into nothingness.


Something deep inside him gave him answered that outraged cry. Mamoru stared coldly up at the fading darkness with the regal gaze of a Prince thousands of years dead.

"He was never yours."

At his words and then a wordless command, golden light suffused the dreamscape, forcing away the darkness with its brightness. Finally, the dark creature dissipated altogether with one last echoing cry.

Mamoru sheathed his sword and turned back to the familiar stranger. The other man was staring at him with awe and obvious recognition. Mamoru stared back, his mantle of regalness fading away into confusion.

"Who are you?" he asked again, softly. "Do you... know me?"

"Aye..." the man replied just as softly, still staring at him with that awestruck gaze. "Endymion-sama..."


Mamoru's eyes snapped open to the fall of sunlight through his open balcony window across his eyes, just moments before his alarm went off.

"Endymion," he whispered softly to himself, vainly trying to remember the last wisps of the dream. That name sounded so familiar to him. Whose was it?

Slapping a hand down on the ringing alarm clock, Mamoru stared ruefully out the balcony, murmuring to himself.

"Well, that's the fourth time I've had that dream. Maybe I'll remember it completely one of these days."

But something deep inside told him that the dream wouldn't come to him again. The anticipation that tickled the edge of his thoughts foretold that he was not yet done with the four different men who had appeared in them. Something awaited him in the near future. Mamoru was sure of that.


Across the world, four young men were in the process of making their way to Tokyo, led by memories and loyalty, and following the golden strands of their destiny. Their prince had freed them from slavery, despite their betrayal of a lifetime ago, and had not asked for anything in return. Now they would find him and return to the side of their liege, and hope that they could repay their debt to him with the redemption of their oath.

Jul. 6th, 2007

SM Fic - Endymion & Shitennou (I)

Ways in Which Endymion Did Not Reunite with the Shitennou (I)

None of them could remember how long they had been there, save that it never seemed to be long enough for time to wear away the memories. At first it might have been a dream, until they realized they would never wake from it. Then with the return of the first of their memories they thought it was heaven, until they also remembered that they had helped destroy it.

After that the land had darkened and seemed to wither away, and they were certain that it was a nightmare or the hell they deserved. But then warm golden light and purifying silver had washed away the darkness in the land, washed over the curse that laid over everything except for that which each man carried in their souls.

From that time on, Elysian never changed.

They were the four lost souls that were trapped within this paradise. Once they had railed at each other, screamed blame and hurt at the weakness that in the end they had all shared. They had all comforted each other, told lies that no one believed in an effort to deny the own guilt and shame in their heart. Eventually, they spoke to each other little at all, all in a common understanding that they were sharing a common purgatory, waiting for whatever axe should befell them for their sins.

For all that they knew, they were the only living souls remaining in this land, or at least the part of Elysian they were allowed to be in. They had found early on that some invisible barrier held them away from the temple on the distant hill and whatever lay beyond that. And a great crystal lake effectively hemmed them in on the other sides of the field. But if there was anyone alive past the lake or the hill, they had never come to this field, nor shown any sign of their presence in all this time.

And so, it was to his great surprise when Zoicite knelt to absently pluck the berries from a low-riding bush at the edge of the hillside barrier only to find himself face to face with wide innocent eyes.


The cry immediately grabbed the attention of his other three comrades, especially since none of them had the need to speak aloud for a long time now. They all turned from where they were and stared at the strange spectacle of the small child who tumbled out of the bush to land in Zoisite's lap. Like dreamers finally waking from a centuries long sleep, the other three men gathered around their comrade and the strange child. The child, unheeding of their imposing presences, merely giggled and reached for Zoisite's hair.

"Pretty hair!"

The child smiled brightly at the four men through wind-mussed hair with bright cheerful eyes. Her sun dress was wrinkled by the passage through the bushes but there were no scrapes on her skin.

Slowly, Kunzite fell to his knee in front of the strange child. His normally calm voice was coarse through long disuse.

"Where did you come from, little one?"

She turned to him in a happy smile that seemed to ignore Zoisite in favor of Kunzite's silver hair. The child's seeking grasp abandoned Zoisite's curly locks to reach for those strands of silver.

"Papa brought me!" she declared. "This is Papa's special place!" Her other hand waved in the air as if to encompass the entire land.

"Who is your Papa?" Jadeite asked anxiously, feeling that they were all on the cusp of some revelation.

Wrinkling her nose in befuddlement, she simply repeated, "Papa is papa!"

"Eh..." Zoisite finally recovered from his shock to address the child, "what do other people call your papa?"

The child seemed to ponder the question. Suddenly, she brightened and announced proudly, "Elios calls papa King!"

A gasp ran through the four men. They hardly dared to hope...


The voice from further up the hill stopped everyone cold. They turned around to see a young man of bleached blond hair that fell in waves around a long horn rising up from his head hurrying down toward them. Worry filled his golden eyes which were fastened onto the child, and the four men found themselves forced back from him by an unseen force.

"Elios!" the child chirped, leaping to latch onto the stranger's leg. One hand pointed toward the four men as if showing off something presenting something that she had just discovered. "Look! Isn't that pretty hair?"

The young man signed and held out his hand to her, undoubtedly intending to lead her away. "You should not be here, little one."

But the girl danced away from his hand with impish grace, looking up at him with the same guileless eyes as she had the four men in the field.


Helios eyes flickered over the four other men. The familiarity and recognition told them that he knew who they were. "Because you should not come near these men."

The smile faded away from the child's face at the stern warning. She cocked her head again at the former shitennou with a puzzled look.


Helios looked uncomfortable as he tried to explain the history of these four men to the innocent child before him. "Because they have done bad things, and are being punished." His eyes were looking at the four people that he was speaking of rather than the child, warning them of their place.

The child looked dubiously at the four men again. "Like when Papa sends me to bed early when I broke Mama's vase?" she asked tentatively.

Helios' paused in his glare at the shitennou to smile indulgently at her. "Something like that..."

"Did Papa send them here to be punished too?" she continued curiously.

"Well..." Helios pondered how to answer that without having to go into the complications of who these men and what their crimes were.

"Helios?" He was saved from having to answer by the new voice that intruded on the scene. "Helios, did you find her?"

The man who walked into the field now was unmistakable to everyone present. His regal bearing did not look any more out of place in his simple white shirt and dark pants than it had been in the armor of a lifetime past. Cobalt eyes widened in surprise as they beheld the shitennou, but that was the only indicator that belied his calm exterior.

"Prince..." Nephrite could barely breathe the word, his eyes taking in the familiar features, and most of all the aura of all that was of the Earth that clung to the man.

Chiba Mamoru, once Prince Endymion of a long forgotten kingdom of Earth, stared as well upon the faces of four people he had long thought dead.

The frozen scene was shattered by the oblivious happiness of the child that had brought it all about in the first place.

"Papa!" she veritably flew into the arms of her father. Mechanically, Mamoru reached down to swing her into his arms, still staring at his former shitennou.


Kunzite was the first to fall to his knees before his former liege. He was quickly followed by the other three. Their hearts were beating rapidly as they faced the one person who meant the world and everything to them... and whom they had betrayed. As one, they averted their eyes to the ground, awaiting judgment.

Mamoru tore his eyes away from the four kneeling figures to look at the only person who could explain their presence.

"Helios?" he demanded of Elysian's priest. "How are they here?"

Helios sighed, knowing his other self that there was no getting around explaining everything now.

"They were once sworn to you, to Earth, and thus also to Elysian. The first time you all died, the power of the Silver Crystal carried you to new lives in this time. The second time they died... their souls came to Elysian."

Mamoru frowned. "Why?" he asked, unconsciously echoing his daughter from before.

"Papa?" his daughter piped up from where she had comfortably snuggled against his neck, "Elios said you sent them to bed here because they were bad."

Mamoru blinked at the seeming non-sequitor before he could translate her childish comparisons into what Helios meant. He frowned and wondered if some unconscious sentiment of his did indeed bind his former guardians here even after their deaths. Was it an unspoken wish to not lose the friends of another long ago childhood? Or was it a childish lashing out at those who had hurt him?

With a deep sigh, Mamoru turned and handed over his daughter to Helios. "Can you give us some space?" he asked quietly.

"Of course, King," murmured Helios with a bow. With the precocious princess in hand, he left for the temple.

That left Mamoru with the still kneeling forms of the shitennou.

"You can get up now," he said finally, his voice held perfectly emotionless.

The kneeling forms did not move, nor did they even look up at him.

"Master, we..."

"If you still hold me as master," Mamoru interrupted, belying his stoicism, "get up."

The shitennou rose to their feet, but still held their heads bowed, unable to meet Mamoru's eyes. Mamoru almost sighed in exasperation, wishing that he did not have to deal with these ghosts of his past on his day off, but knowing still that he had a duty to complete.

"How long have you been here?" he asked them, deciding to start with easier conversation.

"Since we...died at the hands of the senshi," Kunzite replied, ever the leader of the guard.

"That long?" Mamoru furrowed his brows in thought. "I don't remember seeing you around."

"We have been unable to leave this field, master."

Mamoru scanned the field in question with an appraising eye. Now that Kunzite mentioned it, he did see how the field was partially hidden by tall trees from the temple proper. Considering that he and the senshi had bigger worries on their minds when they fought Nephrenia here, it was not too surprising he never noticed this field and its inhabitants.

"So you have been stuck here the last few years..." he murmured. "Doing what?" There was honest curiosity in his voice. The shitennou that he remembered from the days of his first childhood had always been an active bunch of mischief makers. He couldn't imagine what lengths the boredom of a forced stay here could prompt them to.


The bitter self recrimination in that single word brought reality crashing down again. Mamoru's lips thinned and he crossed his arms in an unconsciously defensive posture.

"How much... what do you remember?"

"Everything," was Kunzite's soft response.

The silence that followed the answer drew out into uneasiness, before the other shitennou also added their own words.

"We remember our first life in the Golden Kingdom with you, master," Zoisite said sadly. "How we used to serve you before..."

"...before we listened to Beryl's lies," Jadeite put in when he trailed off. "We remember fighting in Metallia's service against the Moon until the Silver Crystal released us from its possession."

"We remember our life reborn on Earth in this time," Nephrite continued, "and how Beryl and Metallia found us again."

"We remember everything that we did as the minions of the Dark Kingdom," Kunzite finished bitterly, "until our death."

"But you also remember your life with me before the Dark Kingdom," Mamoru repeated at last, his arms falling to his sides again, "before Metallia's influence changed you."

"And we betrayed that life for nothing," Nephrite whispered sadly.

"We destroyed everything we held dear," agreed Zoisite.

"Not everything," Mamoru cut in before they wallowed any further in recriminations.

"We destroyed your trust in us," Kunzite said simply. "We tried to destroy you. And I..." He cut off suddenly, remembering the last encounter he had with the man before him in this lifetime.

The same memory was replaying for Mamoru as well, but he pushed it away, noting the way Kunzite's shoulders were slightly trembling from the force of his emotions. He'd never seen anything like it before in his most controlled guardian.

Looking from one to the other, Mamoru took in the guilt that lingered in each of their faces. Their tones more than their words also reaffirmed the decision that Mamoru was struggling with. Before he knew it, a few steps took him to stand right in front of his former guards. His hands were slightly unsteady as well when they came up to rest on Kunzite's and Jadeite's shoulders.

"You still have my forgiveness."

"Master?!" Shock caused the shitennou to look up in stunned surprise, meeting the wistful gaze of their former liege for the first time.

"How... how can you..." Zoisite sputtered, voice breaking on the verge of tears.

"Because I remember the days we spent together before the coming of the Dark Kingdom too," Mamoru told them. "Because I don't hold myself blameless for the things Metallia used to sow the seeds of distrust. Because I know how powerful that demon's control can be." He paused for a heartbeat, remembering what the senshi told him of his own actions while controlled by that demon. "And because... because we all need this forgiveness."

Jan. 12th, 2007

GW Fic

Ran Musu Gardens )

The Emperor's Blade )

To the Rescue )

Zen Daijun )

Haiju Lagoon )

Sep. 8th, 2006

Playing House 2 - Ouran Host Club - PG

Title: Playing House (2/2)
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Pairing: Tamaki/Kyouya
Rating: PG for kissing
Comments: Do NOT question the logic.

Daddy's POV is senselessly erratic like Daddy's ADD on crack )

Sep. 7th, 2006

Playing House 1 - Ouran Host Club - PG

Title: Playing House (1/2)
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Pairing: Tamaki/Kyouya
Rating: PG for kissing
Comments: Urm... Tamaki's actions make more sense after the next part with his POV. And I guess having read chapter 33 would help too. But go ahead and assume what you wish. It's probably right. Also... *pokes cashew* Make me 'Daddy' + 'Mommy' icons. :p

Mommy's POV is steady and thorough like Mommy's financial bookeeping )

Notes: Edited for grammar and formatting

Mar. 30th, 2006

PoT in 30 seconds

Reposted b/c cashew told me to. Plus a couple of edits cuz my fingers always type 10x faster than my brain.

Title (I guess this sort of counts as a fic?): PoT in 30 seconds
Author: Me
(Pretend I filled in all the other info fields here)
(Pretend I stuck the disclaimer here)

Sakuno: ano--

Echizen (interrupts): Mada mada dane

Tezuka: ...

Tachibana: *stares moodily at Tezuka*

Taka: Mars Fireball Make-up!

Mizuki: *wiggles fingers* Nfufufufu

Fuji: *opens eyes and fires lazer beams*

Atobe: *mauls Tezuka while Hyotei headdesks in background*

GP: Let's invite Momo to our orgy!

Kentaro: *spazz*

Kaidoh: Fssshhh... (translation: I thought I was supposed to play him?)

Jousei Shounen: *is ignored*

Sanada: Why do I have to play Tezuka's replacement?

Echizen: Oi! My show! *beats*

Inui: *shing!* Not according to the data I have on our audience demographic.

Kevin: Echizen! I will-- *is pounced*

Karupin: Mraoww

Fans: *scream incoherently*

The End

Feb. 13th, 2006

Psidai: Quicksilver

Title: Quicksilver
Series: Psidai AU, Room Swapping 2.
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Rating: G
Pairing: ShishiTori
Word Count: 1054

Summary: Shishido helps his kouhai move in. Ohtori has roommate issues.

Timeline: Start of second school year at Psidai.

No the title doesn't really have that much meaning... )

Wow, it’s a long time since I’ve written... I think cashew’s muses have been visiting or something, since I don’t usually write Shishido/Ohtori. Well, on the bright side, at least this is no longer a one-fic series. ^_^;;

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