Jul. 29th, 2005

Banned Books: 2004-05

A list of books banned in various places in the US in the past year. It was posted on the books board at CBR. Someone else graphed the info by state (here).

I am... not very surprised. Except maybe by the four dots in California.

Now I have the urge to go look these up in a bookstore and read them... Just because. :p

May. 9th, 2005

The newest baka at CBR

Yep, we need to go by what's demonstrated in the books or source material for who the specific magic user is.

Like in the case of the Potter books, there are only 6 of those, so magic examples need to be demonstrated from those six books alone.

If you don't, then people will be crying to moderator's for your ejection from the thread whilst simultaneously casting insults at you.


Well, what can I say? The sad thing is... he just gave the *correct* definition/usage of canon... while trying to imply that it's wrong.

There's just... no words. No words.

I also just noticed his rewriting of history about how *other* people were calling me - the mod - to kick him off the thread when I was the one who got tired of trying to correct his incompetence at debate and following rules and told him to get off the thread. No one else was even hinting that he should be kicked off... just that he was stupid.

Apr. 27th, 2005

There are times when I'm ashamed to be a Rumbler...

...even if I hardly post there on the board. (Yay for shadow-modding.)

Buncha idiots tried to argue that the fact that a banned person sees a "you don't have permission to access this page/site" page when they try to log in still indicates that the server recognizes them... as fitting under the criteria for being "a member of the boards"... in order to be eligible for the Citizen of the Month election.


Yeah. -_-

Well, these are Slayven fans. Why am I not surprised? *rolleyes*


Though I'm rather amused by the fact that the mods spelled it out in the rules on the first page that "you *must* be a current member of CBR at the time of this election... blah blah eligible to vote and be voted for blah" ... and that "no off topic-ness allowed on this thread". And yet... people are still blaming the mods for being so goshdarn ambiguous in our rules, and so goshdarn facist in deleting off topic quibbling about voting for someone's who's banned.

Check that. The idiocy probably starts with the fact that they even thought of voting for a *banned* person, and then turned around and insisted that it wasn't some kind of idiotic protest against the banning, but an actual legitimate vote in the election. *gag*

Feb. 5th, 2005

CBR in Tenipuri personas

This is some off the wall randomness that [info]cashew and I were musing on last night. Which Tenipuri character(s) persona(s) would best describe those we know...

Me = Inui's geekiness + Kawamura's schizo-ness (according to cashew)

[info]cashew = Fuji and his sadistic streak :p

[info]mg_knt = Akutsu on the inside + a bit of Echizen's apathy on the outside

[info]ossian = Oishi's niceness & politeness

[info]cougarmadcat = Shiba (new to the tennis (anime) world and enthusiastic about it)

More... )

There were more, I think... but I can't recall them at the moment.

Aug. 13th, 2004

Historical Day at CBR

Chuck got temp-banned for a week from CBR.

It wasn't from anything he did on Rumbles, though. He's actually been fairly quiet there recently. No, the lobbying this time came from the DCU board mod, Arune, regarding the two "Identity Crisis 3" threads there.

So, yes, I read the threads in question. It made my eyes bleed, but I read 'em. Sure, Chuck went overboard muchly there, but he wasn't by far the only one who ought to be punished, IMO. Some of those other folks were just as bad, and both sides were egging each other on down the thread, ditching civility as they went... but I guess Chuck just stood out a lot.

Well, okay, and Arune cited that his posting many pages of scans up from the comic in question was illegal. However, I've yet to be able to find a clear source on the copyright/fair use issue that illuminates just how much can you reproduce from a comic legally. I'd've thought it would've fallen under the "reproduction for purposes of critique" category. But someone else told me that it's a 5-10% of the total book/work/comic limit. I think I'll need some cites and stuff for this...

And in other news, people over at SHC/ICT are still whining about the "ICT vs. Rumbles" thread that Matt closed a couple of days ago. They're deluding themselves if they think that 1) such a thread could be debated on without degenerating into a flamewar and 2) that it wasn't slated for locking the moment it was posted. Someone gave me a link to their thread over there, and I just have to say that I am so unsurprised at the massive rewriting of history/memory some of those folks have done.

Oh, and I'm also counting down until they find out that Chuck's gone for a week and then the stupider of the bunch decide that this would be an excellent time to come over to Rumbles to troll. Again.

Jul. 26th, 2004

Idiot at CBR

"I just find the thought of two men being together gross, Its not that i am Intolerant of that type of lifestyle or that i am condeming apollo and midnighter but its just kind of gross to me." -- LEGENDKILLER

I knew there was more than one reason I really really dislike the guy. *stabs*

"Thinking them gross" and nominating the couple for "worst comic couple" just because of that sure as heck seems an act of intolerance/condemnation to me. *glare*

Jul. 15th, 2004

The Zaniness of CBR Comm

The Comm Board actually has a thread on the topic of menstruation... I find this utterly amusing.

A lot of reactions on that thread like you would expect. Quite a few immature boys shooting their mouths off. However, there were a few insightful and informative posts by some (Solaris, Greg Hatcher, etc). And I think I might have learned a thing or two I didn't know before. Of course, I dunno how biologicall accurate the info is... I leave the bio stuff up to [info]cashew, is she wants to take a peek.

Jul. 13th, 2004

CBR Revenge Fic

I wrote this snippet last night to blow off some steam after dealing with a particularly annoying fanboy on the Rumbles board yesterday. The idiot was making some rather ridiculous comments on a LOTR characters vs. Conan thread, including statements such as Conan can resist ANY magics thrown his way via sheer willpower (after which Munchy asked 'how do you resist a magic hand grenade by sheer will?') and the claim which started this particular revenge-fic: "No swordsman can stand versus the Cimmerian."

Needless to say, the urge to start a match with Conan vs. Lina Inverse or Kenshin was quite strong. But to save the board the agravation and the display of pettiness, I think I'll keep my little piece of vengeance on my journal.

read the fic )

May. 16th, 2004

*am in shock*

In the process of upgrading vBulletin versions for CBR, Jonah accidentally deleted everything.


All... gone... T_T

And curse it all, I was behind on my backups for the 2.0 thread too, which means a lot of the story posts, outside of a few rough drafts on GJ, are gone as well. *sobs* I'm getting the feeling that my writer's block will be come irrelevant in this new... era.

*Wagh!!* T_T

May. 8th, 2004

Pegasus in Space

Went by the bookstore today and read a book that I'd planned on reading for a long time now. Pegasus in Space is one of the more recent novels by Anne McCaffrey. It bridges the gap in her Parapsychic Series between the Pegasus arc taking place in the late 20th/early 21st century and the Rowan arc, which takes place a century or two later.

The book mainly focuses on the beginning of space travel on that Earth, as made possible by budding psionics and technological discoveries. It also details the founding of FT&T - Federated Telepath and Teleport... which was the model that I'd based my own RP company of PADT on. ^_^

You know, I would love to see a Rumbles fight featuring the psionics of that series, especially by the end of the series. These people can teleport space fleets over interstellar distances... and I note in the epilogue of Pegasus in Space, also through *time*. That just boggles the mind. I'm not sure if that bit was something of a plot hole that the author hadn't realized was there... or a stroke of genius to help explain a lot of things in the later books.

Anyways, powers aside, the characters and especially the plot were very well done. The romantic pairing that the main character ended up with rather took me by surprise. Though I've noticed that McCaffrey rarely dwells much on romance as the focus of her storytelling. She does like to pair her characters off, marriage and children and all... but she rarely dwells on the whole love and angst and stuff. Or at least covers it pretty well under the plot.

Anyway, Pegasus in Space is a good book, though I'd recommend reading the two books before it in the series to get a lot of the references in it. That would be To Ride Pegasus and Pegasus in Flight, in that order.
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May. 4th, 2004

before i forget...

the aim chat transcript i promised ossian earlier today... um... yesterday?:

click here

ignore the angelfire banners, annoying as they are.

must go sleepy bye now. @_@

Apr. 26th, 2004

Yet another Hotbranch incursion

Normally, I wouldn't even bother to specifically note another one of these, since they've been going on for far too often. This one, however, was rather... unique... for the death threat he left before he got booted.

To whit:
    "You are a fucking bitch.I would like to rape you and stab you in the cunt.I dream of the day that I see your intestines hanging from your body.You are a fucking bitch and I hate you.I wipe my ass with your forum.
    All your retarded,childish comic book fanboys can go suck each other's dicks for all I care.At least I have a life,not like you.

    You are a moron for deleting my posts,and I hope I can find you so I can rip your heart out,you bloody pig."

It's unfortunate that he's located down in Argentina. Else I'd seriously consider pressing charges. (Hey, getting paid for my internship has gotta offer some fringe benefits, like affording a lawyer or something... maybe.)

As it is, I can't even work up much of a rage over this, since it's not like I was really expecting any quality out of him, and it's not like he hasn't done something like this before (granted, last time Parallax was still co-mod and got splattered with the mud as well). But really, I can't help but look at that and think how pathetic the moron is. I mean, I've read *fanfics* containing more classy, imaginative, and/or stinging insults than that. Hell, I've been given far better insults by a classmate way back in *fifth grade*.


I *do* wish that sad excuse for organic compost would do the gene pool a favor and go get himself a Darwin Award or two to avoid polluting the rest of humanity with his dung beetle parentage. Or at least get booted so far out of CBR that the entire country of Argentina will feel the shockwaves over the internet, and never darken the life of another sentient organism ever again.

Apr. 23rd, 2004


I love it (not) when posters start accusing other posters of being tattle-tells and crying to the mods when confronted with doing something wrong. What are you, fifth grade? *rolleyes* What the heck do you kiddies think the Moderators are there for?

Second of all, it is the utmost stupidity to go and parody someone else's work without permission and in an inflammatory manner, and then post it on the same messageboard they go to. We're not even talking about copyright issues. The X-board's caption contests have undoubtedly committed similar "crimes" dozens of times over, as well as any time someone scans and posts a comic/manga page. No, we're talking about something that's gonna be a much more immediate problem for the culprit. We're talking about trolling.

I don't really care one way or the other if Munchy and Sandman did a parody of CBF's webcomic in private, like over email or something. Nor when [info]cashew wrote that slashfic between... two certain posters, not to mention the whole "forcing Pell to write porn" thing, plastered all over AIM. And even if I ever happen to be a victim of a similiar event, it still wouldn't be my responsibility to deal with it. It's when these things get posted up on the boards that it does, and must become my problem.

You'd think that with Munchy and Sandman being long-time posters, they ought to understand this already. They don't magically get exemptions from the rules (written or common sense/etiquette) just because they're on friendly terms with me and don't hail from SHC. Well, I guess I definitely overestimated their intelligence and common sense in this case, or possibly underestimated their pettiness and immaturity. *sighs*

Not that CBF handled the whole thing all that well, in my opinion. Reporting the problem to the moderator was the right thing to do. Getting into a flamewar with Munchy and Z-man (why the heck was he sticking his oar in there anyhow?!?) on the board over the issue was not helpful, not that I'd expected anything different from him. Granted, he had cause, since the thread was an obvious flamebait, and Munchy & Z-man were both being stubborn about it. Granted also, he was the injured party, and the other side certainly wasn't making any sense in their defense of the insult. Still, throwing another hothead into that conversation was just asking for an explosion.

Hopefully, certain people will have learned their lesson about this. If not, I guess I'll need to knock some sense into them when I log on AIM tonight and they bring it up.

Apr. 22nd, 2004

Anti-slash people

People who have problems with slash need to 1) get their facts straight and 2) stop whining about something they don't *have* to read, and 3) remember those little terms called "respect and "freedom of speech/press".

I am, of course, talking about this thread over on Rumbles. It's been split off from another thread where the conversation drifted. And surprise, surprise, at who made the first shot. I guess I just got sick of turning the other cheek and keep letting Jack make those snide comments that (he knows that) I find offensive.
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Apr. 21st, 2004

Extremely Irritated

I am really *sick* of people like Jack taking every single chance they get (and making their own chances besides) to bash Elves (and cats) on CBR. Half the time I'm almost convinced that he (they) do it just to see the reactions from those who like Elves (and cats). Moreso on the former, since there's less fans around to defend them.

You don't see me going around bashing Dwarves and dogs left and right whenever a "Elves vs Dwarves" or "Dogs vs Cats" subject comes up? I might praise the side I like, or just vote for my side, but I sure don't go out of my way to sling mud at the other side.

*is highly irritated*
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Apr. 16th, 2004

Pleasantville screenplay

Sam linked to this screenplay over on Rumbles. For lack of anything to do, I read through it.

It's a pretty good story, at least from the looks of the screenplay. Dunno how well the movie (from what I gather it's a fairly old movie?) did, but the original story is good. The allegory/references to the whole Garden of Eden thing and the reflection on the U.S. in the 50's-60's, etc, came across quite clearly, and fit pretty well with the plot.

It's a long document, sure, but I think it's definitely worth a read. Just think of it as a multi-chapter fanfic. :p

Addendum: Oh and the funniest/weirdest thing about the screenplay? The name of the main female character's alter-ego is "Mary Sue", and she's the one who sets the plot snowballing. I can't tell if whoever wrote the screenplay has never heard of fanfiction all his life when he came up with the name... or if he knew exactly what he's doing.
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Mar. 18th, 2004

More MtG news

Okay, I finished redoing the 0.2 Mirror cards as well, and I moved all my MtG stuff over to a tripod website instead of my angelfire one, since it was taking up so much space. I'll leave the old angelfire pages up for now, but I'll probably delete them whenever I need more room there. Besides, all the links to it from my main YvtW website has been changed to the new place anyways.

( The new pics up at Tripod. )

Also, last night, I fiddled around with making Kenshin cards... Getting the pictures and coming up with card errata isn't hard. The hardest part is the flavor text, so I left those out. However, if anyone has any nice suggestions for flavor text - whether it be narration from the manga or dialogue from a character - I'd like to hear them. The more the better, so I can find a good fit, spacing wise, on the cards. Anyways... here's what I have so far:


More cards )

The card attributes, mana cost, and colors aren't final. I might tweak things after I get done with everything. Especially attack values for cards with double strike. It occurs to me that a double strike of attack 5 is actually 10 damage total unless the creature gets killed by another creature with first strike or double strike. So technically, I can give Kenshin a attack of 3 and his combat attack value would still be 6. I might also need to fix the toughness values... but I'm not sure if I should.

Now, I need a bit of advice... I'm going to associate most of the good guys with white (good, purity, etc.), most of the villains of the Kyoto Arc with red (chaos, fire, bloodlust, physical might) and black (evil, necromancy, self-destruction). I'm unsure what colors to relate the Oniwabanshuu to though... typically, ninjas are associated with the color black, but the Oniwabanshuu aren't evil (unless we're talking about whacked-out Aoshi)... blue (psionic, duplicity, sky/sea) might be a better match...
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Mar. 17th, 2004

Progress report

So I'm in the process of streamlining my YvtW MtG cards with the new card-maker program.

Here's the page.

I've redone both the 2.0, 3.0, and non-character pages. The 0.2 page is still the old version. Lookit the vast differences.

BTW, Mg, if you're reading this... double check my mana costs for game balance or whatnot, k? Thanks.
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Mar. 14th, 2004

Magic: The Gathering

Dusted off the ol' Apprentice online MtG program today. A bunch of peeps from CBR have been getting together over AIM to play, and I haven't had a chance to what with my busy weekday schedule and my parents.

But today, I got a chance to play. For some strange reason, my computer won't connect to MunchKING's, so I didn't get to play the guy who it seems everyone else has been beating to the ground *g*... but I played Daemon (Dantrinoth on AIM), and won 3 out of 3 games. Not bad for having not played for over a year. ^_^

Well, actually, I only won clearly for 2 of the games. The first one really didn't have a clear outcome when he said he wanted to just forfeit and start over. But at that time, we were still pretty even. Both with over 40 life points (the game starts off with 20 life points each) and a multitude of 13/13 elves (most critters are around 1/1 to 3/3 or so in their natural state). It was funny, 'cause he had a vastly pro-elf deck, which gave him oodles of bonuses for every elf in the game. I, by "coincidence", also had an elf-heavy deck, which normally would've only benefitted him, if it weren't for that I also had a smattering of blue-spells which I used to take over his bonus-generator cards. *eg*

Yeah, yeah... that's probably waaay too much info for those of you who don't care a whit for MtG. I'm just feeling good about myself right now. It won't last, I promise. :D
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Mar. 8th, 2004

Movies talk

Master & Commander )

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory )

Mar. 1st, 2004

Obligatory Journal Entry

...just so y'all know I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, or dropped this journal.

Anyways, after a couple days of faint cramps and stomach discomfort, the "pre" part of premenstrual syndrome is officially over today. Which means full-on cramps. Ouch. This may also explain my lack of energy/drive to do anything the last few days as well. Yes, I'm blaming the lack of journal entries the last few days on PMS. Feh. Bah.

Other depressing stuff today... because today is just like that... found out that when Jonah revamped the forums last week, he redid all the post counts. I've lost almost half, and now will probably not even make the 10,000 mark again until year's end or something. Bleh. Can't believe Yeo is above me. And Meta only dropped one rank in the top 10. Bah.

(Attempts to find silver lining... at least I fared Genma, who lost more than half his posts and dropped from 3rd/4th place to not even on the first page. And Rumbles, at least, didn't lose any important threads, unlike the X-board or Comm. Too bad Comm didn't lose Rita's... that would've let Soap Operus reign as longest thread on the boards.)

Feh. A really, really, really grey day. I say again: Feh.
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Feb. 21st, 2004

Idiots at SHC

Sometimes, newbies on Rumbles wonder why our board seems to have an on-again-off-again war with ICT over at Superherochat. Well, I could go on and on about the board raids from over there, the trolls that like to drop by every once a while... But here's one really good example of why both sides find each other detestable.


Oh, and once again, I am relegated to non-entity in the heirarchy of CBR. The guys all get opinions. The girl, apparently, don't count. Nevermind that I've been a more prominent board member than Watcher even before I became a mod (before him).

"Although he was not a mod while I was there, I liked the Watcher (Not certain about Tanith). Parallax, OTOH, is on the shady side, IMO." -- David Deas, bannee from CBR

Oh and Tiberius/Kananga? Needs to be hurt, painfully, for being a racist trolling jerk who thinks it's his right to go around freely glorifying Hitler and spouting racist idiocy. Sorry, moron, but your right to free speech doesn't get you free from consequences like the fist of the guy you offend (IRL) or the BAN button of any decent moderator (Online). Dude, get a clue. A temporary ban is not just some slap on the wrists that you can walk away from like nothing's wrong and then go back to trolling a couple weeks later when you think the Mods have forgotten about your past behavior. If people have gotten banned for relapses after written warnings, you think we're gonna cut you slack after a friggin' temp ban?!

*seethes some more*

Feb. 4th, 2004

Taken from Koba's LJ and inspired by cashew's rants:

Introducing: The Fic-authors Inferno! See where fanfics rank in the Fanfiction Circles of Hell! (IMO, of course.)

Typos, Blandness, Ignorance of Topic
Circle I Limbo

Misspellings, Bad Grammar
Circle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind

Bad Xovers, Bad Parodies, Bad PWP
Circle III Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow

Author Bias
Circle IV Rolling Weights

Non-Canonicity, Impossible Biological Acts
Circle V Stuck in Mud, Mangled

River Styx

Unexplained Plot Devices, Plot Holes
Circle VI Buried for Eternity

River Phlegyas

Self Inserts, Sue-ish OC's, OOC Characterization
Circle VII Burning Sands

Mary Sues
Circle IIX Immersed in Excrement

L33t Use/Illegibility
Circle IX Frozen in Ice

Design your own hell

Dont'cha just love it that the Mary Sues are "immersed in excrement"? Much more fitting fate then being frozen in ice one circle down. *eg*

And regarding where I put "Biologically Impossible Acts"... don't hit me, [info]cashew... my response to blatant non-canon fics of my favorite fandoms is just about the same as yours is to impossible biology... except I'm not as loud, o'course. :p
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Feb. 1st, 2004

Another question for cashew

This one's not got anything to do with CBR, but it is a question that someone from CBR asked me to ask you. So here goes:

"When I donated blood they told me that I had "rare red cells" that only like .4% of the population has. I want to know, what's so special about it?"

-- VCreed (AIM: Super2CHase)