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Aug. 30th, 2018

Chinese Web Novels - BG Quick Transmigration WIPs 2


meta revenge arc, vengeance sub-arcs w/ early deaths

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recovering demon empress + heavenly wargod, early deaths in arcs due to heavenly dao

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OP MC saving the worlds rather than counterattacking

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Veteran quick transmigrator hired by new system to prevent a blackened system from overpowering the villain boss and killing the MP/FP of worlds; later just becoming MC chasing ML, then ML chasing MC fluff.

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More stories:
快穿系统:国民男神撩回家 (Almost Complete!)
暖暖的奇迹穿越 / alt 306 Explicit BGH (author list)
BY 墨泠 / 快穿:男神,有点燃! (NEW!)
快穿:邪性BOSS,坏透了! (90% romance; soul rock; censored)
快穿:反派男神,别黑化 (BL uncensored 90% romance)

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Jul. 30th, 2018

Chinese Web Novels - BG Quick Transmigration WIPs

BY 素手折枝 / 快穿:男主,开挂吗

golden finger for ML

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putting god back together

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9 lives love trial with overgod heir; missions to fix worlds with bad protags; replace kind hosts

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Unexplained quicktrans, fulling wish

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快穿女配:男神,撩上瘾 (txt dl, acct: hotmail user / bird123)

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More stories:
BY 素手折枝 / 快穿:女主驾到,女配速退散! (completed) (evolving companion goddess to creator god)
BY 素手折枝 / 快穿小妖精:腹黑男主,别过来! (completed) (item spirit, phoenix)
BY 墨泠 / 快穿女配:反派BOSS有毒 (completed) (OP future MC)
BY 墨泠 / 快穿系统:反派BOSS来袭! (completed) (foodie MC)

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Apr. 17th, 2018

Chinese Web Novels

So these things had swallowed up my life these last few months, an I figure I'd share the insomnia. Also, I'm just putting down completed stories here (at least for the CN edition); no WIPs.

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Apr. 9th, 2018


Notes: Non-romance/Anti-romance, Quick-Transmigration genre with a meta-plot that's taking over the narrative, WIP

URLs: Raw story Novelupdates thread

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Dec. 16th, 2017

Star Trek Recs

Been binging on Star Trek again. It's like the fandom I keep coming back to more than any other, I think. So might as well throw together another resource post.

First of all, I blame the relapse into the ST fandom on the Star Trek Continues fan series project. They did a really good job on this series, and did manage to capture a lot of the elements I liked about TOS. The two part finale is also pretty good, with great callbacks to the official pilot and the Romulan Commander, even if I agree with some fans about the overuse and then fridging of the McKenna OC.

That said, let's get into the fics. Previous rec posts: Jan 2017, Mar 2004 A-L, M-Z

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Jul. 7th, 2017


Finally coming up for air...

Been reading THE Pokemon fanfic Ashes of the Past. A fic which probably contains most of the cliches in the fandom (aside from the harem ones), many from before they became cliches, and even several elements that later became canon. Also, a 1.3 mil ongoing fic that incidentally completed nanowrimo without intending to.

Quality wise, the first few chapters are a bit lacking (didn't feel like the author was taking the actual writing of it seriously enough), but the quality does improve, especially after the author dropped it for a few years to write a lot of other stuff and generally improved her writing skill before picking this story up again. I think everything from Orange Islands onward is much better quality. Updated in snippets almost daily on the SB forums, and completed chapters are posted semi-weekly to ffnet.

The same author also manages the MLP Loops round-robin-ish meta story. While there's a lot of fluff there, there's also some coherent story lines there that are pretty good too. And yeah, I also read through this 2 mil word monster once or twice too... >.>;

Next, To Boldly Go... is a very well written and well organized Star Trek quest that takes place post STVI (and Generations prologue) at the turn of the 24th century. While it's not entirely compliant to canon in the nitty gritty details, it certainly is spiritually compliant to Star Trek, IMO.

I've read a lot of Star Trek quests/OC fics and this is perhaps one of the only ones where I've really loved OC characters depicted and the general theme of things. My favorites so far are Nash (the Andorian captain who took over the Ent-B after Harriman who has shades of being the second coming of Kirk) and Straak (Vulcan combat-geologist captain that in-story earned the name of "The Rock Whisperer"), among others.

There's also call-outs to some canon characters (most of the guys from TOS are still alive, after all) but for the first 10 years of the timeline none of them were in the focus.

I'm also very happy that the playerbase has consistently avoided the pitfalls of going 'rawr-Starfleet-military-buildup-let's-shoot-everything'. Something must be right when your voters are actually wanting the Pacifist faction of the Federation Council to gain the majority...

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Jan. 13th, 2017

Star Trek K/S fic recs

These are (almost) all Kirk/Spock slash fics, so caveat lector and all.

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Also, as a note to self, the ancient Side by Side zine fics can still be reached via the wayback machine (index).

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Mar. 16th, 2015

Post-Hobbit Rec Binge

There was a resurgence of fanfics after the Hobbit movies came out. A great deal of them, including most of the ones on AO3, are Thorin/Bilbo slash. The remaining ones are also some kind of dwarf romance or slash. Ugh, it almost makes me long for the days of rampant Mary Sue fics following the release of the LOTR trilogy. Valar help us all if PJ ever makes a Silmarillion adaptation.

Anyway. I have been trying to dig some gems out of all the chaff. And here's some the ones I've found.

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Jul. 16th, 2014

MCU Fic Recs

I've been following a lot of Marvel movie-verse fics since watching Winter Soldier.

There's been a ton of Steve/Bucky fics. A lot of them are...formulaic, though. The standard fare plot elements of: Steve & Sam go looking for Bucky, Bucky is traumatized, rehab happens, sometimes involving the rest of the Avengers. So I'm trying to pick out either the standouts of that plot formula, or fics with a unique twist to them.

Circling Back - Slash. Standard plot, but one of the better written ones. I like the way it brings in the other side characters, including what seems like the Ult version of Spidey. There's also a sequel which is sometimes from Bucky's POV, but that's still a WIP.

lonely houses off the road - Eventual slash. Bucky reaches out at his own pace. Sam is probably thinking 'why me'? Steve of course is the last to know.

Guns & Bagels - Slash. Humor. The Winter Soldier breaks into Steve's apartment. He wasn't the only one.

but i knew you - Slash. AU of the film. What if the Winter Soldier started to break his programming from the moment of "but I knew him"?

Unusual Weather - Slash. Humor. Featuring Asgardian booze as analgesic, and Bucky as a mouthy (and handsy) drunk. Poor Tony.

May Include Unexpected Side Effects - Slash. Humor. Written prior to Cap2. More handwavey comic-science tranquilizers with funny side effects.

A Four-Letter Word - Slash. Humor. The frustrations of a superhero's schedule.

give me your answer do - Slash. Humor. The fic's own summary says it all: Bucky knows it's going to be a bad one when Steve wakes up again, lifts his head up from the side of Bucky's fancy electric hospital bed, and says, "Now don't get mad until I explain."

Between a Captain and a Hard Place - Slash. Humor. (I notice a trend...) Steve and Bucky get stuck in a morgue drawer. Surprisingly, this does not lead to PWP!Porn.

the sirens and the thunder - Slash. AU elements. Featuring Selkie!Bucky through the timeline of the first Cap movie.

Recursive - Steve/Peggy. Steve & Bucky Bromance. Post-CATWS, Steve runs afoul of the Time Gem and gets punted back in time. Armed with future knowledge, he decides to nip the project Winter Soldier in the bud. (I'm not sure how authentic the WWII stuff is, but I liked it.)

Oasis - Gen. Post-CATWS Bucky centric. Landscaping therapy. That's a new one.

Mind the Cap - Gen. Post-CATWS. Sam handles Steve's bedside visitors after the events of the movie. Also has various sequels in the series that's more standard fare.

Case Notes - Post-CATWS. Pre-slash Steve/Bucky. The POV from a therapist of the Avengers. Loosely part of a series but you don't need to read the others.

tin soldiers - Steve, and later Bucky, in the modern day as told by social media. Not quite actual slash as it is the "fangirls" arguing for slash. Gets a bit hard to follow sometimes, but the concept is pretty novel.

Two-Whell Bicycle series - Slash. Post-CATWS. The Winter Soldier as a split personality apart from Bucky, and somehow Steve is still the bigger mess. Also, the tag at the end of the second one is seriously chilling whiplash.

Pay it Forward series - Gen. Post-CATWS. A bit of humor. A bit of slice of life. Also featuring Natasha and Tony/Pepper.

Tracked Progress - Unrelated to TWS. A post-Avengers fic starring Hawkeye and crossed over with White Collar.

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Dec. 21st, 2013

Some recs...

The novel Blindsight by Peter Watts. The author is a marine biologist and the book has a lot of bio jargon and stuff in it (that went straight over my head), even though it's technically a sci fi. Not a happy ending book, but interesting to read.

Web serial novel Worm was pretty heavily recommended on a forum that I frequented. It's a LONG, character driven, gritty version of the urban superhero genre. Also a somewhat downer ending in some ways as well, though not the same way as Blindsight. I haven't actually had a chance to read through it myself, so all I know of the plot/characters comes from the mess of fanfics it's inspired.

With This Ring - Self insert fanfic crossing over with the Young Justice cartoon. I thought it's pretty good, actually. It's a WIP, but the author has been pretty good about updating daily so far. (The forum can often get horribly laggy during afternoon/evening hours though.)

(more as they come to me...)

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Dec. 7th, 2012

Bucky/Cap recs

For cashew. :)

till i wake your ghost & push your old numbers - These two are companion fics, one mainly from Bucky's POV & one mainly from Steve's. Kinda stream of consciousness angst centering around their reunion in the present.

Run to Ground - Something of a Steve/Nat/Bucky fic. Black Widow takes on a mission to recover the Winter Soldier. Steve kinda invites himself along.

when i offer you survival, you say it's hard enough to live - A much more lighthearted fic. The Avengers have a secret admirer. Or maybe just Steve.

seven minutes in heaven - Cap has a mission to catch the Winter Soldier and he completes it. In a closet. And out of it. Bit of a PWP.

Impact Winter & sequel Welcome to Whereever You Are - The Winter Soldier is brought in from the cold, SHIELD is paranoid, and Steve helps his best friend on the road to recovery.

make one dream come true (you only live twice) - Bit of crack in this one. It's the Avengers versus the Winter Soldier. Steve makes a really bad James Bond, but he does somehow manage to...seduce?...the girl enemy.

in each place and forever - Snippets out of Bucky's life and how it revolves around Steve.

Salt For the Sea - Word is out that the Winter Soldier has been permanently deactivated. Steve goes a little berserk. This fic is kinda OOC for Cap IMO but I still kinda like it.

Ducklings series: Imprint, Awakening, and Sugar in My Bowl - The first one isn't really Bucky/Steve but kinda sets the stage with some of the minor characters in the second fic. The third fic is pure PWP.

but hey, you're all right - The Winter Soldier is a mail order bride. Every one's brains breaks a little, in different ways. Angsty!Crack if that's even possible.

Jun. 22nd, 2012

Avengers Recs

cut for length )

Mar. 23rd, 2012

Untitled noir-style pokemon comic oneshot

What is this--I don't even--

ADD: Another webcomic, not as weird

Dec. 7th, 2011

TNG (& other) fic recs

Cashew asked me about Q/Picard fics, sometime back. I mentioned that the TNG fanfic-dom is already teeny compared to the TOS fic-dom, much less have good fics for a particular pairing.

Of course, that didn't stop me from going out and see what I could find. And lo, among all the chaff, there were a few gems. *beams*

Thank You by icarus_chained - I've actually recced some HL fics by this author before. His TNG fics are great too. Very fluffy fic, this one. Squee-worthy.

Infatuation by sasha_anu - A not so happy ending fic, with characterization that really stands out. And I admit, Patrick Stewart Picard unleashing his verbal "fangs" is *hot*.

Untitled? fic by maraceles - Lies somewhere on the spectrum between the first two fics I guess.

Sanity & its sequel Reality by Tiggy Malvern - Excuses, excuses... wherein a fic actually takes into account the backdrop of ST:FC and the Dominion War.

Hypothetically Speaking by Alara J Rogers - Post-Nemesis. Good effort on trying to consolidate Q's depiction in VOY with TNG.

And now, an actual Reboot!Trek fic rec. Something I actually like out of this new timeline! Gasp!

Not All Those Who Wander - Spock Prime making his way through the new universe he's stuck in.

EDIT: Some more non-slash TNG fics...

Lost in the Woods and its sequel No Good Deed - TNG crossover with Firefly, though the sequel is more two separate stories dealing with the aftermath of the first fic. I liked the plotting, the characters, and how this is a perfect example of how a good xover can be written of series that are completely imbalanced on a versus scale. The random pinyin was a little bit annoying, but it's also Firefly canon, so oh well.

Some non-ST fic recs

The Anubis Saga - SG-1 x kitteh. Yeah, you heard right. XD

The ZPM Equation - Stargate (SG-1 and Atlantis) crossover with Numb3rs.

Structural Integrity - SG-1 episode tag for "Shades of Grey". I usually don't like angst-fics, but this one certainly jerked my heart out. Great fic exploring the friendship and closeness of SG-1.

Oct. 15th, 2011

Mostly XMFC Fic Recs

These are all Erik/Charles fics. So yeah, slash. As promised, I tried to stick to non-epic/one shots with no angst.

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EDIT6: Still going...

super-oblivious!Charles - Crack. Erik gives himself a concussion with head-desking.

Holiday Lights Battle - Crack and Holiday Fluff. Mitosis cookies!

--- Some non XMFC recs! ---

The Dementors of Azkaban - AU for HP year 3. Pure crack.

Lessons with Hagrid - More crack. In which Hagrid teaches Occlumency.

Jul. 16th, 2011

Fic rec

Harry Potter and the Borg - manages to cross over HP, Star Trek TNG, and the Matrix without being... bad. And managed to be somewhat coherent and fair to all sides. I'm impressed. Kinda like that Buffy/Trek xover I found a while back.

Feb. 22nd, 2011

Alternate history

So I was skimming an alternate history site. Among all the masses of alternate Civil War, American Revolution, WWII, etc. I found an interesting fic (in timeline format) proposing an alternate timeline where China rises to become a world superpower: The Chinese Superpower

I thought it was kinda cool.

Also, depending on your tolerance for Ameriwank and ASCII misformating of special characters, there's also ISOT American 2002. ISOT, for those not familiar with the genre, stands for "Island in a Sea of Time", referring to when a city is copy pasted/dropped into an earlier (or alternate, as long as it's lower tech) time period and has to deal with it. Probably pioneered by Eric Flint's 1932 novel.

Jan. 23rd, 2011

Cavemen sci fi

Hilarious comic strip

Dec. 14th, 2010

fic recs

HP/Marvel comics xover - Pure crack. I was in tears. *heheh*

HP/ST:TNG xover - another hilarious fic featuring Q inflicting his presence on Hogwarts. I get the feeling it didn't quite end at the last chapter tho...

On the Way to Greatness - A serious non crossover HP fic this time. This is a Harry sorted into Slytherin fic which tries to avoid all the cliches of the genre.

The Best Revenge - A Snape mentors Harry fic where the adults aren't incompetent and are willing to step up to take the risks that a student shouldn't be left to deal with.

Dec. 3rd, 2010

fic rec

Semper Victoria

"The Na'vi saw the stars, and accepted that Eywa determined they could never go there. Humans saw the stars, and laid their lives down so that others could touch them."

Avatar fic, of all things. Let's face it, the only reason I'd read something in this fandom is because another author I liked and respected for the seriousness of their fic recc'ed it. Otherwise, I categorically dump all Avatar fics in the realm of LOTR-movie-sue-fics.

While it doesn't take much to have a better story/plot/etc. than the movie, this fic was rather good. The best thing I like about it is the way it characterizes humanity.

Jun. 19th, 2010

WIP favorites

A Change in the Weather
BVS/SG1 - Buffy x Jack O'Neill

Perpetual Tuesday
BVS/SG1 - Buffy x Mini-Jack

Bunny Buffy What's the Difference
Like Father Like Daughter
BVS/NCIS/(Tom Clancy) - Gibbs as Buffy's dad

I Just Want to Know Where I Come From
BVS/Criminal Minds - David Rossi as Buffy & Dawn's dad

A Day in the Life by imjustaguy
Culture/BG03 crossover. Discontinued.

Culture Shock by Ruskbyte
Culture/HP crossover. Discontinued.

Voyage of the Aesir by Sayle
Stargate/Star Trek/Babylon 5 crossover. Asguard and ST centric so far.

XSGCOM: Terra from the Deep
SG1/X-COM. Part 2 of an epic series.

The Tau'ri's Destiny
SG1/SGU AU. Destiny returns to Earth before being damaged. Humanity gates there in 1992. Forced disclosure soon after.

Special Agent Harris series

May. 18th, 2010

Highlander and Xover recs

Pure HL recs )

HL Xovers )

BVS xover recs )

Other xover recs )

Non-xover )

May. 17th, 2010

Recent URLs

Post to help move bookmarks from one computer to another more easily. Nevermind me. (Very...out-there...xovers) (Completely OOC, but I'm only there for the smut)

Dec. 8th, 2009

Detective Conan

Is there someplace I can download the series and read it on my harddrive instead of online? My connection gets progressively worse later at night and it gets to be a pain to wait a minute for every page to load.

Also, I've been browsing some Detective Conan sites and I get the sense that most people consider Kaito Kid as a native character of the DC series. (I guess his own series is not very well known?) Supposedly he's also ranked #1 in character polls for DC in Japan, which was kind of weird. (Shinichi and Conan were #2 and #3 respectively, despite being the same character, sort of.) I guess that's why there's so much of him in DC fics...

Edit 1: I don't get ConanxAi, or at least the reasons for it... is there something more on this from the anime?

Edit 2: Some fics I kinda liked...

Edit 3: For reference, the DC/MK chapters are...

Vol 16 6-9, Vol 20 2-5 (Sonoko), Vol 30 4-7 (Sunset)
Vol 44 7-10 (levitate), Vol 46 9-10 (shounen tantei)
Vol 52 544-547 (painting), Vol 54-55 562-566 (koushien)
Vol 61 631-634 (teleport), Vol 64 674-676 (dog)
Vol 69 712-715 (s.t. heist)

Edit 4: Reference for Heiji eps

Apr. 6th, 2009

CCS fic recs

I know I promised to look for good S/S fluff. But I got sidetracked by xovers.

Immortal Soul(s) - CCS/Good Omens xover
I guess this wouldn't be as interesting to read if you haven't read Good Omens. But I loved the interplay between Crowley (the demon) and Aziraphale (the angel), who have a tendency of getting their their jobs accomplished in spite of themselves. There is a mention of Yuuko at the end, which I guess technically makes this a Tsubasa xover too.

Greatness in the Making - CCS/HP
Not quite the Eriol-drives-Hogwarts-nuts fic I was looking for, but Young!Clow in Hogwarts alongside Ulric the Oddball is genius.

Stormy Affair - xxxHolic/HP
Searched for more by the same author as the last two and turned up some xxxHolic xovers. This one is the wizarding tabloid's take on Clow and Yuuko's relationship. I think it would have been better if there wasn't any written rebuttal from Clow or Yuuko, and skip right to the last retraction. Ne?

Severus Snape and the Bishounen's Eye - xxxHolic/HP
Same author. Title says it all, I think.

The Yamasutra A.K.A. Yamazaki-kun Teaches Sex Ed
Utter crack. Reminds me of that PoT doujin where Inui taught sex ed.


Strongest Feeling
Finally, a S/S fic. Short romantic comedy based on the second movie. What do you know, finally found something that has good spelling & grammar, minimal amounts of "cutesy" writing abuse, and is vaguely canonical.

More to come as I find them

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