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Jul. 16th, 2014

DDoS site

Watch DDoS attacks across the interwebs in near real time!

*sigh* I wasted so much time staring at this site.

(Obtained from the GW2 reddit. Because NCSofts servers have been steadily targeted by DDoS attacks recently. Leading to lag and general unplayability. The sad thing is, the target is more Wildstar, by the same publisher, and GW is just getting splashed in the collateral.)

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Feb. 10th, 2012

Minor update on...stuff...

Ah, AT&T, how you make me run around and have to call customer support again and again to get one little thing resolved, and then demand my money like you're entitled or something. Blah. >.< Damn bloodsuckers.

In lighter news - GW1's Winds of Change is finally done. I don't quite find any of the Imperial Weapons skins pretty enough to be worth my effort to do the quest chain though. Not even for the oddball greens (staff-skinned wands & scythes, sword-skinned wands, focus-skinned wands... o_O). New hero is an assassin which...I don't see the need to have 3 of. >.> And a panda pet, which I may or may not get using Zcoins instead (verging on 10 gc atm)...dangit I wanted to get the large EQ pack. :(

Did get three celestial dragons over Canthan New Years. Sold one for 80k. One went into my HoM. The other will go into Aoki's HoM when I get a chance to log both accounts.

Oh! And I got a new computer last weekend. Yeah, yeah, mainly cuz I wanted to try out Star Trek Online and it was complaining about the old computer being too...old. STO is ok, I guess. I've been playing pretty causally my Vulcan Engineer on board the Spark of Genius. Still a Lt. (Jr. grade?) at the moment. Not a very demanding game, and really I'm just in it for the geek factor.

EDIT: Reference for self, potential ship names - kinda like Opaque/Fuzzy Logic, Statistical Anomaly/Outlier, Common Sense

Jan. 15th, 2010

Is today the 13th?

Today's been a bad bad day.

Third try on my certification exam. No I didn't pass. Was 20 points short of passing on an effing 1000 point exam.

On the way back to work, I was pulled over for speeding. My first ticket. Ever. Not much I can quibble over it, since I was driving at around 60 on a 45 MPH expressway and no other cars on the road to claim that I was following traffic. Dammit.

And the day's not over yet.

Bah humbug.

EDIT: And just to prove me right, my computer crashes right after I finish this entry. The stupid thing's been acting wonky consistently ever since I caught the sdra64 virus a while ago. (I thought I'd gotten rid of it and none of my security apps have caught anything else recently.)

Jan. 11th, 2010

WTH, Dentist?

Are dentists hard up during this recession or something? I go to work today to find a voice mail from Saturday morning reminding about an appointment. Same Saturday morning that I got woken from bed by 3 phone calls - once to the land line, once to someone's cellphone, and another one to the land line. I finally got irritated enough to answer the second land line call and told them to schedule it for next Saturday because there was no one home and there's no way I'm rushing over immediately from just getting out of bed. Gah. Normal people after not getting any answers from one or two phone calls just leave one damn message and wait for the callee to call back. What the hell is the point of keep trying to call every number the person has multiple times? That's just annoying. Jeebus.

[/end rant]

In other news - sort of got the next part of the DC fic done last night. It's on my home PC though, so won't be updating until I get home tonight. Will probably edit it into the last entry since they sorta go together.

Jan. 8th, 2010

2 earthquakes in 2 days

Little ones, anyway, by the time it reached SJ. Did shake the building a little, but didn't set off the fire alarm or let us all go home for the day or anything. Pity.

Jul. 30th, 2009

Updates in general

News the first. I'm getting wisdom teeth (2 of 'em) removed tomorrow morning. I've already put in for PTO Friday and next Monday. So I'll possibly be around online, if it's not too painful to... >.>

IJ - pokes cashew. Um... is it me or is the image on the left side of my journal gone. The one on top is still there. Did the site that host it lose it (looks like imageshack)? You don't have any copies by any chance? (I think I may have backups at home but I'm not going to be able to check until I get back tonight -_-)

Dragonswords - all the new alts are lvl 18 now. Still a little bit to go before they hit where your guys are (22? 24?). One thing I need help on is that I still need 3 ruby gems. The freaking place won't repop.

Incidentally... (1) The amount of wis/prac points that monk needs is insane... unarmed combat is 10 pracs per rank wtf?! and it's only 2 levels away from enhanced damage which is 4 pracs per rank. Even if the race was sprite I don't think there'd be enough to go around. As it is, I'm neglecting training both int and dex to get those two up 10% per level. (2) Why does my knight have such low hp? It's only 50% than the druid. The monk on the other hand is almost twice the amount of druid. She was the one doing most of the tanking even though she had by far the worst AC (due to no pracs to train dex, no rubies for rings, and no secondhand weapon or shield slot).

Gaia - New getup combo *pic uploaded to previous post*. I got the qipao cheap off of auction when I lucked out and caught one that was selling for almost 2k under store price with only 1 hour left on the auction. Muwahaha. Anyway, let me know how it looks and compares to the other two.

Also, signed up for Discover card for the 7k gaia cash. *stares at sky* I figure it's not that different from the Amex card I got suckered into signing up for in front of the Cal student store when I first came to Cal. I didn't actually get around to canceling that card (or using it) until we were moving this time around. So I figure the Discover card can sit there and gather dust until I get around to canceling it. In the mean time, that's about $70 worth of gaia cash. o_O

Jul. 25th, 2009

Almost there!

pics from last night )

This morning, finally got the desk all finished and my junk sorted into the drawers/shelves. Am now posting from my desktop PC. ^_^

Furniture stuff still on the list to get/do:
- Have one more bookshelf to put up. Need to make a run to Lowes
- New mattress
- Need a trash can for the room. Also a recycling bin, maybe
- Need more file folders for the cabinet
- Laundry bag holder...thing, since I don't want to keep running downstairs to drop off dirty laundry every time.
- Need to decide what goes in between the shelves at the back wall... CD-rack? Small futon couch? Bean bag? Table? Low cabinet? Suggestions welcome...
- Given the larger desk surface, I'm pondering whether to go for a dual monitor setup. (Yes this is just an excuse to get a larger monitor *cough*)
- Room freshener. Apparently the scent of anything that gets cooked in the kitchen drifts up the stairway and smack dab into the bedrooms. -_-

Jul. 20th, 2009

Photos of new house!

This is pre-moving in the furniture...

Jun. 21st, 2009

Slave Labor T_T

I've been dragged off for manual labor at the new house for these last two weekends (and any foreseeable non-working weekends). Because of course my parents are too cheap to just hire out. For the most part so far we've been re-painting the various bedrooms, guestrooms, bathrooms, halls, etc.

Upshot is, I come back dead tired and want to do nothing but vegetate. Can't even work up the energy to play GW cuz my right hand/arm/shoulder is cramping like hell and can't grip the mouse well. Oh yeah, and the rest of me aches too.

Plus, how the hell do you get paint primer off of skin? Every time I've had to scrub what seemed like a layer of skin off my hands/arms/face to get it off. Google turns up a bunch of different suggestions - solid shortening, exfoliate, baby wipes/oil, melted butter, lemons (tried this one; stings like hell on the arm)... but there doesn't seem to be a consensus other than don't use paint thinner. -_-

And let's not even get into hair.

The only good thing about this is I finally got a use out of the mp3 player I bought a long time back...

Aug. 2nd, 2008

Finally got the cell phone to work

I figured I was doing something wrong when just plugging the phone onto the computer with the USB adapter wasn't working. It turns out you have to install software drivers. Supposedly they were to come with the phone, except I don't recall there being a CD in the box... I guess I may have misplaced it. Anyway, I downloaded the software and was finally able to get images off the phone. Hopefully next step is to upload musc.

I'll post some of the images taken off the phone in a separate friends-locked post.

Mar. 5th, 2008

Moar on laptops

Ok, the choices. The X61 is too big and the X300 is outside of the price range I'm willing to pay. So that leaves...

1. Lenovo ThinkPad X61s:
268x211x20–28mm (10.5x8.3x0.8-1.1")
1.24kg (2.73lb) - 1.58kg (3.48lb)
Overall - Small, light, and cheap.

2. Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Tablet
4cell: 274x244x27.4 – 33.1mm (10.8x9.6x1.1–1.3")
8cell: 274x267x27.4 – 33.1mm (10.8x10.5x1.1–1.3")
1.71kg (3.77lb) - 1.93kg (4.25lb)
Overall - Basically $330 for the built in tablet function...

For reference, my current laptop (T43) is:
12.2" x 10" x 1.2"
5.1 lbs

On reflection, I think I will need to get an external CD drive at least. Otherwise I'm not sure how I'm supposed to install some software that come on CDs like the Office suite and Photoshop. Also, it appears the CD drive is cheaper on Amazon.

Mar. 3rd, 2008

Considering laptops

Thinking of buying a personal laptop/notebook before I head back to China next month... Need advice...

PC models, we have:

IBM Lenovo X61/X300 series (If anyone can find the exact physical dimensions for the X61 vs the X61s, specifically the thickness, that would be great)

IBM Lenovo X series tablet (though I'm not sure I'd get that much use out of the tablet)

At work a colleague also recommended the MacAir and then installing Windows over the Mac OS. So that's also a consideration...

Jan. 15th, 2008

The world is my shell...ed creature

Probably should focus on tagging old entries before making new ones but it's just too tedious, even when I'm skipping a lot of the entries.

Anyway, some good stuff happened recently so I'm in the mood to share. Firstly, my elementalist and the necro both had their first birthday on GW, which means - presents! Unlike the fugly troll my ranger got (ironic considering that's the character most like me -_-), I got good mini's this time. My ele got a seige turtle, which was one of the mini's I'd actually considered buying when I first got the game. The necro got a hydra, which was one of the other first bday mini's I preferred over the others. The only nicer option would have been a bone dragon, both for the looks and for the rarity (ie. sell for $$).

turtle screenies! )

Second nice thing is I pass my certification exam yesterday, which means I can spare some time off to relax before I start getting badgered by the management again. Oh yes, the bonu$ I get for it is nice too. XD

Thirdly, still on the topic of $$$, I got a raise today! 'Nuff said, I think. ^_^

(Side note: Hrm... interesting. IJ seems to have the same "quirk" GJ does in that I don't have the option to set my post icon when I create a new post, only when I edit it. Is that just me?)

Dec. 15th, 2007

Tis the season...

cashew - The knife arrived. Thanks! ^^

We went to Fry's today cuz my mom needed a better computer for this software she needs to run for work. While they were looking at the PC/laptops, I bought a GPS for about $300. Now I'll never need a sense of direction ever again! (Wait, that didn't come out right...)

Nov. 23rd, 2007

Black Friday

So Fry's had a line that stretched for miles. Literally... I was watching the odometer of my car as I was waiting in line at the stoplight (and I wasn't even trying to go into Fry's). I hear that the checkout line on the *inside* stretched around the building once or twice too. There were police cars and officers all over the street leading to the entrance/exits, directing traffic.

So much for that. -_-

Now, on the other hand... No lines for online shopping. They've got some super low deals on flash drives (compared to the last prices I've seen at Fry's) so I grabbed a 1 GB drive just cuz it was on sale.

They also had GW:Prophecies for 9.99 and EOTN for 19.99... which is like 1/3 of the normal price. So I grabbed those too. I guess that second account will be fully equipped soon. :p

They also had the Star Trek TNG complete seasons set for half off. So... yeah.

My credit card had quite the workout today. XD

Dec. 10th, 2006

Whine whine whine

Not a good day today...

First had to drive to San Jose for the weekend on call thing because apparently their servicing some internal servers this weekend and I guess VPN might've been affected (of course, when I get there and open Outlook I see an email saying that everything's up and running fine).

And of course it was pouring buckets on the drive up. Which means I didn't feel like stopping somewhere to get lunch, resulting in my lunch being out of the vending machine. (Though ok, at around 2 o'clock someone sent around an email saying that some generous soul had gotten lunch for those of us in the building.)

Then I get saddled with four cases through the course of the day... which is what I get on a *busy* workday. Blah.

Then, I start my way home, and just as I'm about to get on the freeway, I start hearing this weird noise from the car. And I notice I can't accelerate. At first I thought it was the brake lever or something, so I pull over and check. Everything looks fine. I get back on the freeway and the noise becomes louder and ZOMG I hope it's not an engine problem.

So I pull off the next exit and park into the nearest corporate parking lot (with nice lights and security trolleys that run by every once in a while). I get out and check... it's a flat tire.

So much for plans to drop by Fry's on my way back.

A call home later, my dad comes and switches in the backup tire, and I'm pretty much paranoid the whole drive home.

This just ain't my day... *grumps*
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Nov. 19th, 2006

Toyota Prius - thoughts?

So we were looking at new cars today. I kinda like the Toyota Prius. It's a hybrid car - and seems to be the only convertible sized hybrid around these parts (well, there's also the Camry Hybrid but that's Toyota's too anyway). Mom and I both liked it; Dad... well, let's not get into his tastes.

- can file for carpool lane privilege w/o any passengers
- environmentally friendly from all accounts
- kawaii... first thought that popped into mind was the Hello-Kitty of autos XD
- incredible mileage (ie. the gas light won't be annoying me every other time I turn around)
- lots and lots of features (voice-control GPS, rear-view camera, 6-CD changer, i-Pod/MP3 jack, *drool*)

- more expensive (anywhere from 22k - 29k depending on features included) than non-hybrids
- no holiday discounts
- unknown battery replacement costs
- limited range of color/feature package choice left (the good ones are sold out -_-)

Iono... from some cursory googling on the battery issue, it seems that no one has a real solid answer on how much it would take to replace the batteries (most common citing is $3k for complete replacement)... mostly because they come with a 8 year warranty, the first Prius was sold in 2000, and apparently no one has tried to replace their batteries yet. When we were at the car dealers, the Toyota dealer was claiming that the battery had a lifetime warranty (even tho the brochure and online source said 8 year), while another car dealer on hearing that my mom and I were more interested in the Prius said that the replacement cost is $8000 and it's more common to just scrap the car after 5-6 years (then again, I'm not sure I trust the competitor's words on this.)

Note that since my dad isn't particularly impressed by it, if my mom and I push for this, then I'm most likely going to be paying for half or all of the cost, which is why I want to be sure I know what I'm getting myself into. If they end up buying any other car, then I wouldn't care since it would go to my dad first anyhow.

Any thoughts? My impression overall is that anyone going to buy this car wouldn't be buying just expecting some kind of overall savings (on fuel, etc.), but more likely for other reasons ranging from environmental concerns to the l33t features...

Jul. 19th, 2006

Flaming bus...

So we were driving home today and were at the stoplight close to home. When the light turns green, the AC transit bus in the next lane over *lurches* forward and spews out this thick cloud of gas.

My first thought: Well, clearly someone forgot to do their smog checkup. OMG my clean air!

And then we pass by the bus and I glance at it in the rear view mirror, and see that the top pipe-like part of the bus that spewed the gas... was in flames. Yes, it was on fire.

My second thought: ZOMG please don't let it blow up while I'm in the vicinity. *steps on accelerator*

My mom: WTF are you doing?

Me: Run away! Run away! Flaming bus!

Mom: What flaming bus?

Me: The one in the rearview mirror!

Mom: *turns and looks back* I don't see the bus. You sure you saw fire?

Me: What you think I could mistake it? And of course you don't see the bus given how I just zoomed outta there like a bat outta hell.

Mom: *proceeds to argue with me about the existence of fire on the bus that she did not see*

Then as we get home we could hear the fire engine alarms in the distance.

Me: AhA! See! See! I told ya!

Mom: How do you know it's sounding its alarms cuz of that bus? It couldn't have gotten word and got here that fast.

Me: *headdesk* I guess the concept of emergency response escapes you... =_=

I would kinda hope that the fire truck can respond in a timely fashion to a bus that is on fire in the middle of a very busy street during rush-hour traffic...

Also, note to self, avoid buses for the next however much time it takes me to forget this incident. :p
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Oct. 4th, 2005



Lightning never strikes twice? Fuck.

I want to kill someone now. Preferably the guy who stole my wallet today. Again.

Justfiable homicide.


I don't even want to think about the midterm I just had.

Edit: And the worst irony is... it's not even a year since the last nightmare...

Jan. 16th, 2005

Software Update

It's alive! Alive!

My computer, that is. I finally was able to install all the important new software I got from China and make it start working again.

Firstly, it took like two days to get Windows XP installed. The stupid thing was making an awful mess of my system, before we found out that the problem was with the disk. Or rather, with my idiot of a disk drive, which has problems reading high speed disks. So my dad used his computer to make a copy of my WinXP installation disk at a slower speed and voila -- Windows installed without a hitch. Then of course I had to clean up the rest of the mess that the previous installation attempts had left on my hard drive. Plus, I had to reinstall all my programs. Again.

But then Photoshop won't work, even after I figured out how to get the activation code. It kept telling me that there's a hardware problem somewhere. It wasn't after I moved back to Cal on Tuesday night that I realized that the hardware problem is more than just with the Photoshop. It turned out that my sound wasn't working either.

So I called up dad on MSN messenger (cheaper than phone) and found out that apparently installing the new OS wiped out the installations for my motherboard, which included the stuff for the sound card. Oops. So I asked my dad to zip and send over the installation disk files over Messenger so I could install it. That was a 600MB zip file sent overnight. Yowtch. But when I unzipped and tried it, it turned out that the setup won't run off my computer. So I had to wait 'til this weekend, when I dropped by home to pick up some stuff, that I also brought the actual installation disk (or rather, another copy) back with me.

Now, with the sound and other chips installed, my audio media is working just fine. And just now I've reinstalled Photoshop CS 8.0 and it works! (I still have to test it after restarting, but I'm hopeful.)

After a week being at odds with my computer, I'm very happy with it now. *hugs comp* ^_^

Oct. 27th, 2004

The pain doesn't stop...

Where do I even start?

So this morning I took BART back to Fremont because my new credit/atm cards came, and supposedly, I was supposed to get some legal paperwork along with the cards with regards to the unauthorized transactions on both accounts. I also needed to pick up a new pack of checks, since mine had run out and I have bills to pay, given it's near the end of the month.

So I go back this morning and find out there were no legal paperwork along with the cards. I really hope it's just because they haven't arrived yet. So I grab the new cards and some new checks and a few stamps to mail the utility bills. (My roommate and I had agreed that I would make the checks to the utilities bills and then just deduct the total from the rent I give her.) My mom was thoughtful enough to leave a lunch for me on the kitchen table.

So yeah, things were doing okay by the time I get back to Cal and head for the post office at like, 2pm. Then I discover I'd accidentally left the two utility letters on my dad's work desk when I was hunting for stamps and had forgotten to put them into my backpack after lunch.

Since they were both due in like two days or so, I obviously couldn't wait 'til my parents get back tonight and then have them get it sent express mail ($13 each) tomorrow. So I run all the way back to BART and wasted another $7 roundtrip to Fremont. Since the post office closes at 5 and there wasn't enough time to get back to Cal and mail it there, I then ran from my house to the post office (some 30 minutes walking distance) to get them mailed under priority mail ("only" $3).

Then, tired of running, but still needing to get back before I miss my second lecture/session of the day, I took the first bus along that said it goes to the BART station. It was too late when I realized it meant the Hayward BART station, and involved like 40 minutes of local meandering before getting there. Hell, it would've been faster if I'd walked back to the Fremont BART.

And, of course, just when I get to the BART station, a train had just arrived. I manage to run up to the platform just in time to see the train going to Richmond depart, leaving me to wait for the next one. Needless to say, I was late for class - not to mention tired, stressed out, thirsty (by water bottle was empty), and starving.

Oh, and my period started this morning. So all that running around was done with cramping all the way.

And don't even mention all the work I haven't gotten to because I wasted so much time running around.

Life seriously sucks. Is there something I can sacrifice to Murphy to get rid of whatever curse has been apparently put on me? It really feels like something out there is just giving me enough rope to hang myself on, and of course, I walk straight into it every single time.
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Oct. 19th, 2004


It's not just the fact it was raining like hail this morning when I had to trudge all the way to Dwinelle to take my midterm.

It's not just the fact that I discovered I forgot my calculator and thus couldn't finish at least one of the four problems on that exam because of it.

It's not just the fact I probably flunked it.

It's not just the fact we went over my other midterm in discussion today and the TA spelled out just exactly what we (I) did on that midterm that was so wrong and thus why I probably deserve to have probably flunked it.

It's not just the fact that when I went to Cody's to relax after that and picked up a hardback of Ilium to flip though, that I finish about 3 hours later to find that my backpack had been picked and my wallet stolen.

It's not the $40 cash I just got from the atm today. Or my driver's license. Or my atm/check card. Or my credit card. Or even, possibly, my Social Security card.

It's not the possibility that I might have to battle the DMV to get a new license, and possibly the social security agency too.

It's not the fact that I have no money and no way to get money.

It's not.

It's just a bad day. Week.

It's just that I can't stop crying.

Sep. 2nd, 2004

Bad luck, bad news

Apparently someone up there doesn't like me this afternoon. Or maybe it's punishment because I *didn't* almost fall asleep in my morning back-to-back lectures.

Anyhow, I was almost home after having lunch with [info]cashew, minding my own business, when I felt a sharp pain on my foot. I look down to see that there was a bee on my foot, right behind the tongue of my shoe. How the froo it got *in* there, while I was walking no less, is a mystery. But it didn't take a genius to figure out it just stung me.

So anyhow, I hurry home and look up bee sting treatments online, hoping I won't have to visit the Tang (Campus Health Center for those of you non-Cal-ites). Then followed like 5-10 minutes of trying to figure out if the stupid stinger was still in there or do I need to flay myself to get it out or something. This was made harder by the fact that the sting was in a place that I can't examine or get too without contorting myself yoga-like... AND it was swelling and itching like mad at the time. Finally I decided that it must've fallen out when I flicked the bee off before and lifted my socks to check it on the road (yes, it stung me *through* my socks... which is the down side to Chinese-style silk/nylon socks instead of the thick cotton American brands). Then I took a quick shower and applied some lotion, seeing as how I don't have any meat tenderizer or backing soda (which were other suggestions for home-made treatments).

Anyway, since it's my first bee sting ever, and evidently I'm not allergic to it, it's mostly faded away by now, with only a bit of discomfort when I touch the area affected. I've come to have a serious dislike of bees for the meantime though. And maybe acquired a paranoia of fragrant/flowery sidewalks...

So that was the bad luck part. The bad news was when I checked my email. I got one from the admins at, telling me that the the fic I wrote with [info]cashew, "Gimme That Ring", a parody crossing over Rurouni Kenshi and LOTR, has be removed from the archive because ffnet doesn't allow script/chat-type entries.

Now, this wouldn't be bad at all, since that was hardly one of my best fics, even allowing for the parody factor. The bad part is that I looked through my harddrive and apparently I *don't* have a hardcopy of that fic. It must've been done in the time period between last December (when I backed up my harddrive) and when my compter crashed and got formatted in March. And while I do remember we also posted it to the NEB board at CBR, *that* one is also gone since the forums crashed in May.

Which means it's pretty much gone for good, unless [info]cashew kept a copy somewhere. Damn.

Aug. 20th, 2004

Day's Digest

Went up to Cal again today to see [info]cashew, now that she's gotten over her jetlag and is no longer sleep deprived.

First, we had lunch at IB's. Their food doesn't look like it's a lot, but we were both stuffed coming out. Not to mention IB's is not the place to go for health-conscious food. You can practically hear your arteries clogging as you eat. On the flip side, the food is absolutely delicious. I had curly fries to go with my eggplant parmeson grilled sandwich... plus like 4 cuplets of ketchup to go with that. *sweatdrop*

We went to Barnes and Noble afterwards. I flipped through some of the comic trades on a lark, starting with the Superman/Batman one that received all the ridicule from the Rumbles board, just to see what the outcry was about. Heh. They were right. It was very, very, very bad writing. Though [info]cashew and I had fun making fun of the dialogue that just sounded oh-so-slashy. *snicker* Also read the first Fables book, which is one of the Vertigo titles; I've heard some really good stuff about the series. It is pretty good, though I still prefer the Lucifer series. After that, I flipped through the JLA book "Rules of Engagement", which had the post-Obsidian JLA lineup with Firestorm, Major Disaster, Faith, and Manitou Raven. Eh, there were quite a few amusing and chuckle-worthy moments in that one... Then I read the new Outsiders trade, and also had fun with cashew chuckling over that one. She loved the Lex Luthor scenes in it, and I thought the dialogue between Nightwing and Arsenal (Dick and Roy) sounded like an old married couple. Heh. We have too much slash on our minds. Seriously. ^_^;;

Well, we were supposed to go textbook shopping for [info]cashew before the stores closed, but neither of us felt like leaving the bookshop for it, so we blew that off and went to Comic Relief instead (around 6:30-ish). While there, I flipped through (and showed her) the three issues of Identity Crisis that all the yelling and screaming on the CBR DCU board was about (and because of which Chuck got banned). My impression? An overall "Eh". I have no emotional investment in the story or the characters, beyond what I have to deal with at CBR.

Finally, I got yet another version of CSTAR from [info]cashew. (Thankyouthankyouthankyou) This one works for my Windows, yay...... well, all except for Photoshop. *slump* I guess this should probably be blamed on the obsoleteness of my Photoshop (version 5.5) than anything else. Note to self: pick up an upgrade or newer version of Photoshop the next time I go back to China. In the mean time, I guess I'll just have to put a hold on chinese text icons/images. -_-

Aug. 2nd, 2004

*nukes Cal administration*

Okay, I went up to Cal today to deal with the whole overcharging me for registration thing... And ended up getting the big runaround. *grr*

First I went to the Office of the Registrar at Sproul Hall. They told me that the reason I was being charged the Non-resident fee is that my actual residency status is still "Pending" (as listed on Bearfacts). So until they resolve the issue and actually process my residency thingy, they'll be going ahead and charging for nonresidency. So basically, yes I do have to pay the non-resident fee until they finally figure out I'm a California resident. And *then* they'll refund my money.

Now, of course I'm not gonna pay like $9000 up front. They told me to contact the Billing and Payments office, but when I tried the phone (before and after lunch), I keep getting the busy signal. So I ended up running almost all the way across campus to University Hall and to their offices to figure out the deferment plan thing - basically I pay 1/5th of the total amount for every month of the semester. The only bright thing about this is that at least I don't have to pay anything for this month's installment yet, because it's covered under my loan (the loan that's *supposed* to pay the entire registration fee for a semester >_< ).

Then when I asked about what the heck was up with my residency status process, and they referred me to the Residency office... which was back in Sproul. When I get there, I find a sign on the door referring all residency issues to the Registrar office... which, by that time, was closed. Why the hell are these offices closing at friggin' THREE? *stabs*

And the worst thing is? They make you pay a $40 non-refundable fee to use the deferment plan. Which means they're going to be charging me $40 that I'm not getting back for *THEIR* delays, even after they figure out the original charge was wrong. *the b------*

Oh yeah, in case I'm worrying [info]cashew, you might want to check your status on bearfacts under personal profile. If your residency status is "Pending", chances are they're overcharging you too.
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